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I  recently read a blog post by A Peek Inside the Fishbowl about apps that she is loving. I then decided it was a good idea to share the newest apps that I’m loving too. I hope you don’t mind @missfish!!

In a nutshell. There are four apps that I discovered lately and I must say – I’m loving them. Apps are fun and Apps are useful. Simple as that.

1. Vine: This is going to be the next biggest thing. Well so everyone says. I believe them though. It’s like a mini mini youtube. Have you tried it? What do you think?

vine - image

2. Flyer Flo: Most people like to save a buck but a lot of us don’t like collecting flyers! This app allows you put in your postal code and find flyers that’s in your hood!! My blue box is now void of paper flyers. LOVE IT. Happy Savings Everyone!!!


3. Checkout 51. Again, a cost saving app that allows you to save money on your groceries. I get an email from them every week and if those items are on my list, then I can SCAN the receipt, upload it and one day I will get a cheque in the mail. No need to bring coupons to the store. BRILLIANT.

check out 51 - image

4. Airbnb: Found out about this app while watching App Central. This  app shows properties from around the world that are for rent. For those of you who prefer not to stay in a hotel and love to have a kitchen when you travel…this is the app for you. I also just looking at the decor of each property.  I am certainly using this app when I travel to Barcelona. No doubt in my mind. Not to mention the properties are often way cheaper than a hotel.

airbnb image

What apps have you discovered? Please share.

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I read a blog entry by a fellow foodie about Cake Pops and was inspired immediately to give it a try. Click on the link to see the blog entry by  boneats. (her post was on Dec will have to scroll down a bit)..then the rest of my blog entry will make sense to you.

Her blog entry made it sound so simple (please note: I’m not blaming her.  All I needed was:

  1. Betty Crocker Cake Mix (any flavor)
  2. Betty Crocker Frosting (any flavor)
  3. popsicle sticks (well not really, they are more like lollipop sticks. Available at Bulk Barn
  4. chocolate melts and sprinkles (also from Bulk Barn)
  • So I made the cake. (easy).
  • I put the cake after it had cooled into the Cuisinart to make cake crumbs. (easy)
  • I added the frosting to the cake crumbs (easy).
  • I made little balls. .not SO  easy…my hands were a gloppy mess. It was not a pretty site. However the tray looks lovely.

  • I put the cake balls into the fridge to cool..(easy).

I melted the chocolate melts on a double broiler and this is where the disaster took place.

We took the cake balls, inserted the stick, and then dipped…but it did not come out  smooth. By the time we did a second coat, the chocolate had hardened and I was cursing. I was not happy. Then when I went to put on the sprinkles, they didnt adhere so easily either. I was not happy.

I managed to make a few successful cake pops and then gave up.

not so pretty...but I tried.

I emailed a young woman in our neighborhood who has taken some professional baking courses for some advice and she emailed me this website that has an instructional video by bakerella!!

If any one else makes these cake balls (in your spare time of course), can you let me know how it turns out.

I will attempt to try this again..(Im determined). I will read more about tempering chocolate and try to get it right so that my cake pops look like those from the websites: boneats and bakerella

PS I was telling this story at an event today, only to find out that bakeralla was at Williams-Sonomo recently. GRRR. ..wish I would have known. I would love to meet her.

Happy Baking!!

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