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As the temperatures start to drop, I immediately start to cook. I have this “thing” for cooking in bulk and freezing it. I love the convenience of coming home and simply having to grab something from the freezer and heating up a hearty meal in just a few minutes.

This is what’s been happening in my kitchen lately.


Homemade lasagna plus an abundance of Mac and Cheese!


Can you see a trend? As we all step into the fall, I  seem to be eating more comfort foods than in any other season. I’m not only worried about my waistline but I’m worried about my digestive health too.

I must admit, I really do eat more fruit in the summer and miss them during the cooler Canadian months.  Because let’s be honest, buying fruit frozen just isn’t the same and my tummy seems to feel the impact. Anyone else feel this way?

This fall, to combat the cooler weather eating blues, I’m trying my best to get back into my normal routine and get back in control (i.e. getting back to the gym) so I can start my days off on the right foot with a happy tummy

My new goals include:

Eating Smarter and Exercise • limit low-fibre foods i.e. cheese, processed foods, ice cream (sugar and fat!); drink lots of water and exercise at least 30 min a day.

Get Relief •  Sometimes changing your lifestyle habits aren’t enough, so I’m not afraid to seek help when I need it. i.e. Dulcolax® Laxative tablets for gentle, predictable overnight relief ; I might even bring this subject up to my doctor or pharmacist!

Right now, you can find a high-value offer from Dulcolax® available at major retailers across the country (English Canada only). It’s available in-store now until the end of October. When you buy Dulcolax® at your local pharmacy it’s easy to pick-up a $5.00 off rebate coupon and mail-in for redemption – it’s an offer you won’t want to miss! (Applies to Dulcolax® and Dulcolax® for Women Laxative tablets).


My main goal is to #takecontrol and #ownthethrone (don’t you just love that hashtag?) – according to the Canadian Digestive Health Foundation, poor digestive health can affect your mood, energy, concentration and ability to fight sickness. So join me, and make your tummy’s health a priority!!

Disclosure: I was compensated for this blog post however all opinions are my own.

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We all have our standard comfort foods, right? I have two comfort foods (with a twist) that I would like to share with you that might surprise you. I don’t know about you but as the temperatures start to drop and the days get darker, I’m seeking more and more “comfort foods”. There’s no question that my diet in the summer is different than my diet in the winter.

As always, No Frills helps me find the right ingredients for my healthy comfort foods at the right prices. I’m one of those people who’s aware of prices and No Frills has been my grocery store of choice for years to help me achieve my goals!

So here’s my two favourite healthy comfort foods…..with a twist!


My dad taught me this trick when I was a teenager and often crave this sandwich on a cold wintery day. Try it – you might like it too!!

comfort - grilled cheese


I got introduced to this combo when I was on Weight Watchers many decades ago. Basically you take cottage cheese and spread it on a piece of bread. Sprinkle with cinnamon and bake at 350 degrees for 8-10 minutes.  The cheese gets all gooey and it’s truly a comforting snack.

comfort - cheese toast

I know that my local No Frills is always there to provide me with great prices and I can enjoy my comfort foods without having to spend a lot of $$. Naturally I love collecting my PC Plus points too. So don’t hesitate and download the PC Plus app today.  It’s a win win!!


Please feel free to share your favourite comfort foods!!

For more information:

No Frills

Instagram: #PCPlus

Disclosure: I am blogger participating in a program with No Frills. I have received compensation for this blog post however all opinions are my own.

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