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Pom’P It Up!!

A few weeks ago I was invited to a pretty cool media event that included both healthy food and a wonderful workout. What a great combo!!

We got POM’ped up with POM Wonderful at a unique venue called Pursuit OCR Gym (444 Dufferin St).

The obstacle course at this gym was something I’ve never seen before and everyone was pumped to check it out.

See what I mean?

We started off with a warm up before challenging ourselves with this workout!

Then we were invited to cool down and enjoy a healthy POM Wonderful smoothie. Here’s the recipe so you can make one at home too!

Pomegranate Tropical Smoothie (serves 2)

3/4 cup of POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice

1 cup of frozen pineapple chunks

1 whole orange peeled

1/3 cup of coconut milk

1 tablespoon of flaxseed

POM POM Fresh Arils for garnish.

Directions: In a blender combine all ingredients until smooth.

Now for some fun facts about POM Wonderful!

  •  Only premium POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice from concentrate has the juice of four whole pomegranates in every 473mL bottle.
  •   There are no preservatives, fillers or sugar added. The naturally occurring sugar in the fruit provides a source of energy (31 g per 236 ml).
  •   Pomegranates are nutritious fruit which can be part of a healthy diet, offering fiber and Vitamin C.
  •   POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice from concentrate has 700mg of polyphenols per 236 ml serving. Polyphenols are phytonutrients found in plants.
  •   Drinking 2 36mL of juice provides a good source of potassium
  •   POM Wonderful 100% Pomegranate Juice from concentrate is 100% juice, and that means half a cup is a serving of fruit towards the 7-10 servings a day recommended for adults. (Canada’s Food Guide1).

With nearly 9,000 acres of orchards in Central California, POM Wonderful is the largest grower and producer of fresh pomegranates and pomegranate juice in the United States.

POM Wonderful grows and handpicks and juices its own pomegranates. By managing the entire production process from tree to table, we guarantee that our fresh pomegranates, fresh arils and 100% pomegranate juice come from only one source – 100% California-grown POM® Wonderful pomegranates.

About POM Wonderful….

For more information:


Instagram/Twitter: @pomwonderful



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Once again, Momwhoruns hasn’t been running. Truth be told, I didn’t go to the gym once throughout the entire year. That’s right – not even once.

I wanted to go to the gym but simply didn’t have the physical time or the emotional strength. Since my dad passed away, I decided to go to synagogue on a daily basis (for either morning services or evening services) for an entire year. Going to services daily was something I had never done before and was a huge commitment. It certainly wasn’t easy but it felt like the right thing to do and I have no regrets.


My year of mourning has now ended and decided that going back to the gym would also be right thing to do. Guess what? I’m loving it.


My sister was getting great results (Yay Mandy) with a trainer and I decided to take the plunge as well and ask her trainer for some assistance.

Erin has a company called “30 In 30 Fitness.Which means $30 for 30 minutes of Fitness. LOVE IT. This concept fits my schedule and my budget. What’s not to love?

She’s got me doing a whole bunch of exercises that don’t require a gym or fancy equipment.


Not to mention I’m being more “mindful” of what I’m eating. Which is half the battle my humble opinion.

I was so inspired that I even created a Pinterest Board with more exercise suggestions. Take a minute and check it out by clicking here!

I haven’t weighed myself but after two weeks I know that I’m less bloated. There’s something about getting off  NETFLIX or off of my computer and moving my body that actually feels good.

Not sure I’m signing up for a 10 km race this year but I’m definitely signing up to “get off the couch”. Know what I mean?

Looking forward to a healthier 2017.



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I wanted to relax on Valentine’s Day and I really (really) did accomplish my goal. How did I do this? I simply booked a Staycation at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel!!

I made it even better better by asking for an early check in (1 pm) and a late check out (6 pm). I was besides myself with happiness at the thought of doing NOTHING.

There was an “inner peace” as soon I entered their renovated lobby.

dvphotel - lobby

Then when I entered the room and saw the crisp fresh linens, I knew that I made the right decision!!


Life got even better after visiting the gym which was spacious and very bright! Momwhoruns needs to run even when she’s enjoying a staycation!!

dvphotel - gym

Sadly I did not use their indoor pool however you can bet that I will return to use their outdoor pool in the summer. Yes…the Toronto Don Valley Hotel is one of the rare hotels in Toronto that has both an outdoor AND an indoor pool.

I relaxed by binge tv watching (like the rest of my friends) and it it felt great! If you haven’t checked out Shomi yet…well you should!!

dvphotel - shomi

My state of relaxation was so intense that I failed to make it to breakfast cause I couldn’t seem to get up on time and before you knew it, the breakfast buffet was over. However I would return to eat this Tuna Tataki Salad in the DV Bar Bistro in a heartbeat. Note to self: return in the summer to enjoy the outdoor pool and the DV Bar Bistro!

dvphotel - lunch

A Staycation on Valentine’s Day was perfect. Especially when it involved a  relaxing stay at the Toronto Don Valley Hotel, Veuve Clicquot and a box of Lindt Chocolates. What a great combo.


Yes #LifeisGood!!

Warm up this winter and book yourself a staycation at the Don Valley Hotel too!!

For more information:

Toronto Don Valley Hotel, 175 Wynford Dr, Toronto, (416) 449-4111

Twitter: @TorontoDVHotel

Disclosure: My hotel room and a 1 month subscription to Shomi, were complimentary however all opinions are my own.

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Here’s a recap of my day:

It started off at Mr. Mike’s Pizza (269 Morningside) so that I could inhale a slice of poutine pizza…

vicky - poutine

……and it ended off at Brookelynn Bistro (9300 Keele St) to help celebrate World Nutella Day.

vicky - nutella

In between those two events, I went to the gym and ran on the treadmill (I swear).

Seriously. Life is good. Here’s more information about why I consumed Poutine Pizza and Nutella on the same day!!

a) Poutine Week takes place from Feb 1 – 7th,  at 23 participating restaurants. I love the stuff….I’ve had it in sandwich, for brunch and now on a pizza.

b) World Nutella Day is on Feb 5th. I was happy to celebrate this special day  with Brookelynn Bistro, Fables & Foccaccia in collaboration with Continental Noodles and Wild Burger! The menu included Wild Boar Nutella Sliders, Plantain Nutella Springrolls, Nutella Arancini, a Nutella Spread Station, and a Nutella Dessert Station and more!! I was freaking out with happiness. One item was better than another! Kudos to for their delicious nutella creations and Wild Burger too. I’m in a food coma!!


Le Sigh…..

ps many thanks to Fables and Focaccia for inviting me to help celebrate World Nutella Day. You really are Queen of Nutella.

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Planet Fitness has over 900 locations throughout the States and can now boast that they have a location in Canada. Back in December, they opened their first location at 1245 Dupont St. (inside Dufferin Mall)

I was invited to take a tour and eagerly said “yes” as I wanted to compare it to Fit 4 Less. You see, I use to be a member of Goodlife (since 2007) but when I moved in August it no longer made sense as there is a Fit 4 Less,  less than a kilometre away from where I now live.

Here’s my first impressions about Planet Fitness:

-They  offer a $10 a month fee as well as a Black Card membership ($19.99/month). The basic membership allows you to use the machines, change rooms, showers.


-The  Planet Fitness Black Card membership allows you to bring a GUEST at anytime and use the hydromassage table (which I had to try..LOL) plus there’s other small perks.

planet - table


-There’s an actual change room with showers and a water fountain too! This might be a given to see both items at a gym but keep reading…

planet - change

-There’s plenty of staff

Here’s my first impressions about Fit 4 Less:

-It’s bright and clean.

-They also offer a $10 a month fee and a $20 a month fee. However the more expensive membership doesn’t allow you any perks, it simply gives you the option to cancel your membership.

-There’s NO change rooms. No Showers. Not even a water fountain.  But for $10 a month I’m not complaining. I really just need a few weights and a treadmill and I’m good to go. Plus it’s open 24 hours a day. (even though I’m NEVER going to use a gym at 2 am).

-There’s few staff members to assist you. In fact you need a FOB to get in and to get out as there’s not always a staff member on premise.

However for me, it makes sense for me to join Fit 4 Less as it’s so close to where I live.

What’s nice to see is that the fitness industry is making gym memberships affordable!!

For More information:


Twitter: @planetfitness

Phone: 416 537 2957

Planet Fitness is located at 1245 Dupont St and will be opening a second location in Brampton in the near future.


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I’ve been struggling with my weight for a long time. To be exact, I can remember going to Weight Watchers meetings with my best friend in Grade 7. A recent survey commissioned by Multi-Grain Cheerios examining young women ages 10-17 revealed some compelling stats:

3 in 5 women have been on a diet

52% of girls get their information about dieting and nutrition from family member

1 in 5 girls under 18 is currently dieting

I totally believe in these stats! I was also delighted to learn that Multi-Grain Cheerios is encouraging Canadians to take the first step in being a positive, healthy role model by taking the “Never Say Dieting Oath” at

As a mom  to two kids,  I’ve really tried hard to lead a healthy lifestyle and to be a positive role model. I try to serve healthy meals which include veggies, fruits, and protein and really do try to make as much from scratch as possible. Not to mention, I’m always heading to GoodLife Fitness to run on the treadmill.

food3Full Disclosure:  I was on a no carb diet for a year and a half but did not exercise at ALL during this time. As of October 2013, I got back on the treadmill and started to introduce (some) carbs back into my diet. It feels really good and it was the right thing to do. I really do love going to the gym and having the fuel in my body to run again or take a class.

body pump

I’m a huge fun of the word “healthy lifestyle” and thrilled to see that this campaign called “” exists. Please Take the NEVER SAY DIETING OATH and together we’ll make the next generation healthy – mind, body, and spirit. 

ps I was compensated for this post however all opinions are my own.



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GoodLife Fitness opened a beautiful 10,000 square foot facility at Toronto Pearson Airport yesterday. This is great news for the 30,000 employees who work at the airport and the 32 million passengers who pass thru the airport as well!!

goodlife - entrance

I love the concept that you can rent workout clothing as well at this location, as well as they have partnered with Reebok.  What a great idea in the event that you forgot to bring your workout  clothes or don’t have room to pack them.

gym - rental clothes

They thought of everything. Even oversized lockers.

gym - lockers

You wouldn’t want to miss your flight so these schedule boards were installed inside the gym too. Smart.

gym - airschedule

An opening party wouldn’t be the same without a VIP guest so Darryl Sittler was present at the opening party. Naturally I made sure I took a photo with this hockey legend.

gym - darryl

Congratulations to Goodlife Fitness. I have no doubt that this is going to be one very very busy location.

For more information:

Goodlife Fitness, Terminal 1, Arrival Level, Toronto Pearson Airport, 905 671 3721

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I really wanted to blog about body pump, but then I went to a Zumba class at Goodlife Fitness and changed my mind after the Zumba class!!

This weeks post is about Zumba. Next week I will post about Body Pump. Promise.

Here is what I discovered:



a) I was impressed that I  was sweating more that I do in a body pump class!!

b) the positive energy in the room was contagious…no joke, 60 people (including a dozen men) were working out and SMILING throughout the hour class

c) it was FUN. Really really fun. Not saying my body pump class isn’t fun, but this is SUPER fun. (do you know what I mean).

Apparentely this instructor has a real following. Not every instructor has 60 participants in their class, but guess who will going back to the Monday nite class at 7:30 p.m?

Oops, forgot to tell you what is Zumba all about? Silly me.

It’s kinda like a dance class but with purpose…ie my heart beat was up and EVERYONE was dripping. (including me). The music was fabulous and the dance moves are easy to learn if you follow the instructor. Some moves/steps are easier than others but I was still smiling!!

Hope you get a chance to check out a Zumba class as well.

(if you click on the word “zumba” – you will get the link to their website).

Happy Zumba!!

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