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A little over a week ago, I returned from a trip to Puerto Vallarta and thought it might be fun to go over a few highlights of the vacation.

My trip was booked in a heartbeat when I punched in the dates (Jan 25 to Feb 1) and the destination (Toronto to Puerto Vallarta) into The first thing that popped up on the list of options was a flight for $450 CAN with Taxes with Delta Airlines. I grabbed my Visa card and booked it without hesitation. #smart move

As for accommodations: I was pretty lucky and scored an opportunity to stay in an airbnb that my sister had rented. It had a huge terrace, was super clean (and quiet), and in a fabulous location as well.

pv - terrace

I also decided to hang out at The Westin Spa and Resort, and so glad I made that decision. The view was from my 11th floor room was spectacular. I’ve been a fan of Starwood for a long time and glad that I’ve now stayed in yet another one of their hotels.

pv - westin view

I did absolutely nothing on this trip except lie in the sun everyday and read my Kobo. Books that I finished included:
-My Horizontal Life by Chelsea Handler (chuckled my way thru this book)
-The Velvet Hours by Alyson Richmon (amazing historical fiction story)
-My Secret Mother by Phyllis Whitwell (another great memoir)

I highly recommend GoodReads – it is my lifeline when trying to find a good book to read.

Food highlights: This chili pineapple paleta that I had every day!

pv - paletta

The taco tour with Vallarta Food Tours on my last night (stay tuned for a blog post) was certainly a huge highlight of my trip.

I would also highly recommend to visit the Olas Altas Farmers Market on Saturdays which has a huge selection of prepared foods, breads, flowers and more. They even had a vendor that sold cinnamon buns that had atlas 20 people in line (I was one of them!!)

pv - birds of paradise

The weather did not disappoint me throughout the week…which is one of the best reasons to visit Mexico!

Huge thanks to @StunningOttawa (my sister) who encouraged me to join her for a week.

pv - mandy

As always, I’m already looking forward to my next trip. This year I’m fortunate to have three family functions to attend; one in New York, another in London, England and one in Niagara-on-the-Lake. #cantwait.

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Mother’s Day is around the corner!! If you haven’t bought a gift yet, here’ a few ideas.

1. FOR THE MOM WHO…….Who Loves To Be Pampered.

A getaway to Ste. Anne’s Spa is the answer! Please take a peek at their amazing website which now offers auctions (which I think is a really cool idea). I’ve never been there for an overnight however a day trip certainly does the trick for me!!

gifts - st annes

2. FOR THE MOM…Who Loves Yoga

Buy her the B Mat. Why? Because  its exceptionally grippy texture, its eco-friendly and its durable. Not to mention it’s NEW, NEW, NEW…it recently launched in February 2014!!

yes..thats momwhoruns trying to be momwhodoesyoga!

yes..thats momwhoruns trying to be momwhodoesyoga!

3. FOR THE MOM…Who Runs!!

The Samsung Gear Fit is the perfect gift.

Oh what a treat for someone who loves technology and running. I’m now the proud owner of this watch and can’t wait to get off the dreadmill and use it. I’ve already signed up for a one on one lesson with Telus to learn every possible feature about this watch.

gift - watch

4. FOR THE MOM…Who Has Everything

Head to the AGO Gift Store. I swear you will find SOMETHING. This store really does carry unique (and beautiful) products.

5. FOR THE MOM….Who Loves to Entertain.

I promise you will find something for her at Loblaws!. Once again,  President’s Choice has a STUNNING SPRING line! ps I’ve already bought the napkins (on the left) for my paper napkin collection. Yes – that’s right – I have a paper napkin. (yes..I’m normal)

gift - dishes

6. FOR THE MOM…Who Loves Tea

Consider buying Tea from Lemon Lily which offers a beautiful range of organic teas!

gifts - lemon

7. FOR THE MOM….Who LOVES Handmade Creations.

Head over to ETSY.  Seriously.

8.FOR THE MOM…Who Loves to Read.

I would suggest buying her a Kobo. I’ve been a proud owner of a Kobo since 2010 and can’t say enough about their customer service.

gifts - kobo


OMG..this is a hard one for me to answer!! In fact I don’t know where to start. A cookbook? a certificate to her favorite restaurant? a cheese box from Taste of Cheese? a cooking class? 18 kg gold chocolate bar from Baroness Chocolates? a food crawl to all her favorite spots? a fresh truffle?

Wishing everyone a Happy Mother’s Day!!

Disclosure: A variety of these companies provided me with product, however all opinions are my own.


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Hot? Want to know how to “cool down”? Then head to the Sheraton Centre. For $30 you can access the pool and the fitness centre!!

Here’s what my day looked like on Monday:

10:00 a.m to noon: I worked on my laptop in one of these comfortable chairs in the lobby.  (see photo) Not a bad setting to work eh? Sure beats my local Starbucks!! The Sheraton Centre loves building a”community” feeling and encourages their guests to play chess, sit at a community table, or enjoy the LINK work stations.

Got A Lot Of Work Done Here!!

12:30 to 1:00 p.m I was getting hungry and went to check out the recently opened BnB restaurant that is located in the lobby as well. It’s really new…ie a month old. Seeing as I’m on a diet I couldn’t enjoy the burgers and the fries that they are known for. (sniff). However I was pretty satisfied with my Wedge Salad. I’m a blue cheese addict and can’t seem to get enough of this salad.

Carb Free Friendly

I also enjoyed some deep fried pickles that had the perfect combo of batter and the perfect pickles. Shame I couldn’t have a beer with it. But this diet is really working for me, so I can’t complain.

I Love Deep Fried Pickles. Period.

1:00 p.m to 7:00 p.m I sat at the pool with my Kobo. I was in heaven. Talk about feeling like I left the city but I didn’t!! Here I was right downtown on the 3rd level of the Sheraton Centre surrounded by beautiful landscaping and staring at a gorgeous outdoor pool.



Eventually (notice how I said “eventually”) I got off my lounge chair to check out the Sheraton Centres’ recently renovated fitness centre. Seeing as I’m “momwhoruns” , I thought it was only appropriate that I put on my running shoes and go for a quick run. OK..very quick. I was super impressed with the size of this new Fitness’s massive. I counted 8 stairmasters and 8 treadmills! Plus room for weights, stretching etc.  This is not the tiny little (sad) looking fitness centre that one usually sees in a hotel.

momwhoruns is running!! Well kind ofu.

7:30 p.m Bye Bye Sheraton…it was exactly what I needed to escape from the heat and I will be back. Promise.

Please note that the Sheraton Centre is offering amazing activities for kids on the weekends. Please click here for more information.

Sheraton Centre Toronto,  123 Queen Street West, 416 361 1000


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This past year has been a busy one so I haven’t read as much as I would like to. But I knew while on vacation, I would be sitting on the beach for HOURS (and hours) and would resume my relationship with my beloved Kobo!! I did my homework and spent some time on GoodReads, Kobo, SavvyReader  and Rayment’s Reading Rants and Rambling. After a lot of clicking, I finally selected my “vacation reading”. Yay for me!!

When I selected these books – please keep in mind that I was looking for books that were going to be perfect for  the “Beach”. i.e I wasn’t selecting a 600 page book or anything terribly serious. Guess what? Mission Accomplished

Here’s what I read:

1) Hilarity Ensues by Tucker Max

Please don’t judge me but I simply love his writing style and I love his stories (again, please don’t judge me).  I can’t believe how many times I laugh out loud when I read what type of trouble this guys gets into. I have read both of his other books and this one did not disappoint.

2) BossyPants by Tina Fey

A Winner!!

Again, I laughed out loud and read several passages out loud to my mom. I really enjoyed  this book and truly hope that she continues to write. PS When I wear my glasses – I’ve been told that I kind of look like her.

3) The Lover’s Dictionary: A Novel by David Levithan

I was so sad when this book ended as it was beautifully written. The format of this book is so unique and his writing style was unique too.

4) I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella

It’s. A. Beach. Book. Period. I’m not going to tell you to rush out and buy it but if you are looking for something light and fluffy – this is it.

5) Before I Fall Asleep by S.J. Watson

This book totally surprised me. I couldn’t read this book fast enough.  PS Wouldnt surprise me, if this book becomes a movie one day

6)  Dreams of Joy by Lisa See

I’ve read her other two novels (1. Peony in Love 2. Sunflower and The Secret Fan) and was hoping that I would like this book too. I did. I enjoyed the characters, and the story and learning more about this time period in China.

7) Unorthodox: The Scandalous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots by Deborah Feldman. This was probably not an easy book for Deborah Feldman to write, but I applaud her for her courage. I enjoyed this book and from the get-go, I was immersed quickly into her world. I hope there is a sequel to this book so we can learn more about her struggles and growth as she adapts into the secular world.

7 day vacation and 7 Books…..clearly I was in the mood to read!! I hope I continue to read throughout the year and not just when I’m on a beach. Any other book recommendations.?Please share.


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I have a feeling there are two camps for this holiday…the camp that dislikes this holiday and the camp that likes this holiday.

Personally, I like this holiday. This year, I am celebrating in style. Here’s what I will be doing.

a) I am going to the Cayman Islands. Thats right – by 3:30 p.m on Feb 14th – I will be on Seven mile beach. I went there last year, and had such a relaxing vacation, that I am going back to the same strip of sandy gorgeousness!!

Ideal Scenery for Feb 14th


b) I will be applying Body Shop  Shower Cream from their Chocomania collection, after a day in the sun as my skin will really need it. Trust me, I do nothing but lie on the beach. I know, I know…lying in the sun all day is not good for me but I promise I use a really good sunscreen. PS If you need a last minute gift – run to The Body Shop to buy any product from this Chocomania collection.

c) I will be eating my Neuhaus Chocolate. I buy myself ONE chocolate from Pusateris every year. True Story: I use to sell Neuhaus when I worked in the gourmet department at Holt Renfrew as a teenager.  I can still remember having a line up of dozens of men, waiting to by chocolates.

My Special Treat to Myself

d) I will be reading from my beloved Kobo ALL WEEK (not just on the 14th). I downloaded…Hillarity Ensues by Tucker Max (please don’t judge me), Bossy Pants by Tina Fey and Dreams of Joy by Lisa See. Probably in that order.

I love my Kobo!!

I simply can’t wait to celebrate Valentines this year…for many reasons.

Stay tuned for more blog posts from sunny Cayman Islands!!


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I swear I am using #55 sunscreen...

A while ago I blogged about movies I had seen. Now I’m going to blog about the books I have been reading on my Kobo for the past 5 days on the beach.  I have really enjoyed these books, to the point where I felt I needed to apologize to my mom for not talking to her. So here’s what I have read:

1. Sh*T My Dad Says by Justin Halpern

This book is positively HYSTERICAL. Thats all you need to know. I love when books make me giggle out loud. Infact I giggled more than once. My only complaint would be that it’s a quick read and I honestly didn’t want it to end. It was TOO funny. I hope this become a movie or I hope this guy writes another book (are you listening out there Justin?)

2. Loving Frank by Nancy Horan

This book is about an affair that Frank Lloyd Wright had in the early 1900’s. It’s historical fiction and I kinda like those types of books. The characters were captivating and the story line too. Not to mention that it’s inspired me to return to Chicago and see more architecture.

3.  Little Princes: One Man’s Promise to Bring Home the Children of Nepal by Conor Grennan

I love these types of books as it tell’s a personal journey that is so inpirational.  Conor Grennan is a great story teller and I hope there will be a sequel to this book one day soon.

4. Don’t be Afraid by Steven Hayward

I won this book recently by following @mountie9. She writes a a great blog – raymentsreadingsrantsandramblings . She told me I would like it and I did. It’s written thru the voice of a 17 year old boy and it’s about loss, grieving, and family dynamics. A great read for the beach.

5. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skoot

This book was selected by our book club and sadly I missed the book club meeting when they reviewed it. I had been struggling with this book before I left on vacation and I’m still struggling with it. It’s an important story but I’m not sure I’m ever going to finish it.

Part Two – Books I read while NOT on vacation

1. ROOM by Emily Donahue. This book is brilliant and I’m sure it will become a movie in the next few years. It’s written in the voice of a 5 year old who is raised in a ROOM with his mom. I know it sounds eery, sad, etc…but it’s brilliant.

2. Secret Daughter by Shilpi Somaya Gowda. I enjoyed this book too. Great characters, well written and and easy read

3. Ape House by Sara Gruen Again, I enjoyed this book. Again, great characters and a good story. Not as good as her first book Water for Elephants but perhaps that’s not fair for me to compare.

4. I Remember Nothing by Nora Ephron. I laughed out loud more than once which means I loved this book. There is nothing like laughing out loud. Read. This. Book. Too.

OK..I need more books to read. Please send suggestions!!

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