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You would think that I would get bored to attend the same event, year after year. But I’m not. Every time I attend the Interior Design Show I am blown away. There’s so much eye candy at this show…it’s not even funny.

Naturally the event starts off for me with the Opening Party. This is one party – I won’t miss. Of course I had to wear the right shoes! LOL.

ids - shoes

Here are some beautifully designed pieces that caught my eye.

a) Don’t you just love this chair? Not sure if it’s comfortable, but I sure do like looking at it!

ids - chair

b)  This bathtub is just soooo elegant!

IDS - tub

c) Believe it or not – this is a tile! What a statement..

IDS - tile

d) One carpet is more beautiful than the next one.

ids - rug

e) This is one of my favorites…its simply a thick piece of black rope. I think this would look great in a family room or on a bedroom wall behind a bed.

ids - rope

e) Of course, I had to take advantage of the swings and goof around a bit!!

ids - swing

There is seriously so much to see at this show and I really hope you get a chance to visit this weekend.  As you know, I’m more of a foodie yet I truly adore this show.

For more information:

Website: (worth buying your tickets online)

Hours: Saturday Jan 24, 10 am to 7 pm and Sunday Jan 25, 10 am  to 6 pm.

Location: Metro Convention Centre, North Building, Toronto



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Oh how I love these conferences for Digitally Connected women!!  Five years ago, I would have never have thought that I would one day be “Digitally Connected” !! I barely knew how to download photos let alone to blog.

This is now my third conference in three years and every year I’m excited to attend. I start to follow the twitter feed  @SCConference and #SCCTO and before you know it, I’m starting to plan.

Here’s whats going thru my mind as I prepare for Shes Connected 2012:

a)  Plan my outfit. I know it will be something comfortable. Not to fancy but not to casual.  I might even get my hair straightened. That is – if I could find a spare 30 minutes.

What to wear? Decisions..Decisions..Decisions

b) Wear my Twitter Necklace that I bought for myself from Blend Creations a few years ago.

The perfect necklace to wear to this event.

c) Bring Phone Chargers and the Computer Charger: This year, I’m going to label my names on those items (me. smart).

d) Bring business cards. (Even if they have the wrong info on them – don’t ask)


e) Bring this bag. Seriously…I have learned my lesson. Notice it’s on wheels and it has a handle to pull?

The best bag ever for my Mac, Kobo, Ipad etc. Bought it at Costco years ago

f) Take the TTC to get there. It’s indeed the better way.

g) SMILE and CONNECT with other fabulous participants as much as I can. That’s what it’s all about.

h) LEARN. Yes – I need to learn. Even after 3 years of blogging – I need more skills.


Only a few days left till the conference begins and I’m super stoked.

For more info:

Shes Connected, Oct 19 & 20th, Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

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I simply love this show. Even though I am a foodie, I can still like design, right? The Interior Design Show which is being held at the Metro Toronto Convention this weekend is a show I won’t miss. This year, I am going twice. That’s how much I loved it. There is just so much to see, and so much to absorb that I really do want to walk thru it a second time.

Here’s a few things that caught my eye:

John should win a prize for hopping into the tub!!

This bathub from Stone Forest is brand new to Canada. It’s $31,000 and weights 2100 lbs. That’s one heavy bath.  This style of bath has been sold in the States for years, but for some reason it JUST got introduced to Canadians this year. My friend (who was born in Paris), told me that she grew up with this style of bath as apartments were small and this bath would still allow you to have a bath without demanding a lot of space.

Kudos to John (who was an exhibitor) for hopping into the bath to model for us. We all had a good laugh.

Next item that caught my eye:


What caught my eye was the writing on the board, which said “first generation iPad”. HYSTERICAL. I love clever marketing. Congratulations to for making me smile!! (ps. they have a wicked business card too).



This magnificent stove top from GE Cafe, was being launched at the show. See the black griddle on the left? Isn’t that genius. I am sure there’s a few pancake loving families who will love this type of feature. I know I would!! GE Cafe continues to create appliances with all the bells and whistles. Worth dropping by their booth!!

I also fell in love with this wood table and light fixture.

There was also a futuristic chair that caught my eye. Can’t decide if I like it or I don’t like it but it certainly caught my eye!!

yes? no? maybe?

I really hope you get a chance to visit the Interior Design Show this weekend at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre.

Hours: Saturday Jan. 28th, 10 to 7 p.m and  Sunday Jan. 29th, 10 to 6 p.m

Tickets: $18 (online) $22 (onsite)

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