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My last blog post was called “My Bags Are Packed and I’m Ready to Go”. This blog post is called “A Week of Bliss” which means I had a SPECTACULAR vacation.

Here’s what I would like to share about Karisma Resorts and specifically El Dorado Maroma in  Mayan Riviera.


The words lush, manicured, and immaculate all come to my mind. The best thing about this property was the fact that there’s only 90 rooms so that means everything is close by. There is no such thing as a 10 minute walk to get to the pool or a restaurant or the lobby. It’s all just steps away from your room. Yes – I’m a sloth and I’m proud of it!!

mexico - property


The room was SPACIOUS, SPOTLESS and CONTEMPORARY. No outdated “Spanish” themed rooms! YAY.

mexico - room


I seriously never thought the word gourmet and all inclusive could be said in the same breath. Well, it’s possible. There were 6 restaurants to choose from and all of them were excellent. Presentation, quality of ingredients and freshness were evident in every dish. Plus each restaurant was tastefully decorated (modern and contemporary).

mexico - food


Grey Goose Vodka was available EVERY DAY….ALL DAY. Do I need to say more? LOL. There was even a tequila tasting one afternoon by the pool. However I had this drink everyday (ok maybe twice a day). It’s called: MANGO JALAPENO, which included the following ingredients: Tequila anejo, lime, sugar, orange liquor, mango and jalapeno. OMG what a combo.

mexico - drink


I kept joking that there were more staff than guests! Every day our “Personal Concierge” found us by the pool to ensure we were satisfied guests and to answer any questions. Not to mention, the lobby has 4 desks where 4 agents SIT DOWN and check you in. (with a cool towel and a glass of bubbly as well). I was super impressed when a staff person called us the night before we were leaving to ask us if we wanted a wake up call and what time we needed assistance with our bags. They truly do anticipate your needs!!


I would return to this property in a heart beat. However please note: There’s a solid line up of entertainment at at night but the week we were there it wasn’t well attended. Not sure if guests left the property (to visit Playa De Carmen) or just preferred to have dinner and relax in their rooms.

In the event you want to see some great photos, please head over to Instagram  and plug in the hashtag #KarismaExperience or #KarismaResorts

For more information:


Instagram: @karismaresorts @eldoradoresorts

Oh ya…I discovered one of my Instagram followers is a travel agent and has visited numerous Karisma Properties (and other properties in Mexico as well). Check out her photos as well: @lorirachelgold.

Hope you had a wonderful vacation as well. Already looking forward to my next vacation which will be either a cruise or another visit to El Dorado. Time will tell!!


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I have a relative who rarely snacks in between meals. I kind of envy his discipline but not quite sure I could ever adopt that lifestyle! I absolutely adore “noshing” on stuff in between meals. A chunk of cheese, a few berries, a few nuts or even a few crackers will do the trick!

Notice that I’m not snacking on chocolate or ice cream? I really do prefer snacks that are savoury vs sweet. All the better if the snack is crunchy!!

Goldfish® Canada would like to invite you to share your own “snackable moments” using the hashtag #GoldfishSmiles to show them that Goldfish Crackers brings little smiles to your family.

The winning smile will win $500 and a year supply of Goldfish® Crackers to enjoy. Yes – that’s 48 packages!!

Here’s my smile!


Here’s some interesting facts about Goldfish® Crackers:

-they are BAKED with REAL cheese

-they contain no artificial colours or flavours

-they have zero trans fats

So sit back and feel good about eating your favorite snack that smiles back.

Here’s another announcement: I’m tickled pink to announce that Goldfish® Princess Crackers have now arrived. This is a limitation edition cracker so make sure to grab a pack before it’s too late.


There’s many varieties of deliciousness to choose from – try them all! Original, Chedddar, Cheddar made with Whole Grain, Cheese Trio, Colours, Pretzels, GIANT Cheddar, Flavour Blasted, Atomic BBQ, Screamin’ Salt & Vinegar, Xplosive Pizza, Xtreme Cheddar, Vanilla Cupcake Grahams, Honey Bun Grahams and Cholcolate Brownie Grahams.

In the meantime, I’m grabbing a few Goldfish® Crackers to take with me on an outing to Crawford Lake!!



For more information:


Instagram: GoldfishCanada

Disclosure: I was compensated for this blog post however all opinions are my own.

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Ever since I took my first cheese class years ago at Leslieville Cheese market with Julia Rogers, I have been obsessed with Cheese. I have even taken two courses at Murrays Cheese in New York City, while on vacation!! I even have a cheese diary. (please don’t judge me).

My love for cheese was clearly noticed by the good people at Dairy Farmers of Canada as they approached me back in August to take part in a social media campaign called  Simple Pleasures of Canadian Cheese.

It’s a pretty cool initiative that I was all too happy to be a part of. I will have the opportunity to eat MORE CANADIAN CHEESE and share my love for  Canadian Cheese on Instagram. If you aren’t already following me…please do. I’m easy to find: Just do a search for MOMWHORUNS. I will be using the hashtag: #Simplepleasures and #CDNCheese.


Love this photo that @missfish took of me a few years ago

Love this photo that @missfish took of me a few years ago

So far I’ve been munching on:

14 Arpents (Fromagerie Medard), Ricotta (Quality Cheese), Avonlea Cheddar (Cows Creamery), Figaro (Glengarry Cheese), and Five Brothers (Gunns Hill Artisan Cheese).

I was so excited about all these cheeses that I hosted a small wine/cheese party one night. My friends loved the cheese from Five Brothers. However my favorite was Figaro. It has all the right qualities that I’m looking for….so creamy, so rich, so strong.


I’m sure you will be seeing more blog posts about my love for cheese. In the meantime…please follow me on Instragram. Um…Like. …Right Now. LOL.


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Who is MomWhoRuns and What Does She Do? T’is the big question. So here is the answer.


Who Is MomWhoRuns?

I seriously should have called myself “MomWhoEats” but years ago when I first started blogging with Urbanmoms, I was a mommy blogger. I then noticed how much I loved sharing recipes, reviewing restaurants and have slowly morphed into a food blogger.  I still write about other topics…as long as I think it’s of interest to my dear readers (yes..thats you)

I have truly embraced the journey of blogging. Soon it will be 4 years since I first started blogging and I’m seriously hoping to launch a new “look”. Stay tuned. It’s about time!

What Do I Do? 

For many years I was a food sales rep. Then I saw a niche market to tweet for restaurants that didn’t have time to tweet nor did they have the skills. It was a tough sell many years ago, but these days everyone knows that they need to be using Social Media.   My services have expanded to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram as well as blogger outreach. I even have two clients in Ottawa. (which I think is pretty cool). I call myself a Social Media Consultant (not an expert).

Oh yeah – I’ve also given dozens of twitter lessons over the years for those who want to handle their own accounts. It’s all good. I can’t complain.

One day there will be a formal website called Hire Me To Tweet!! One day….

One can often find me, tweeting from a coffee shop. If you see me and my MacBook…please say hi.

Hope this blog post gives you a better idea of who I am and what I do.


ps Many thanks to @ledolci who inspired me to write this blog post after a quick chat we had this week.

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As you know I’m a huge fan of the National Post Gastropost missions. I’m such a fan that not only do I participate on a regular basis, but I decided I wanted to interview them too! For those of you who might not know what Gastropost is all about – I will explain: Every week Gastropost posts a mission (i.e a cookie mission) and people (like me and many many others) submits a photo thru Twitter, Facebook, email or Instagram. It’s as simple as that. On Saturday – the cookie photo that you submitted might be included in the Gastropost section.

Gastropost staff chat with a George Brown Culinary Arts student!

Here’s the interview:

a) Who initiated the initial idea to have a Gastropost feature in the
National Post?

There were a few people involved. In early 2012 National Post and
Postmedia Network Inc. (which owns National Post as well as a number of
other well-known newspapers like Ottawa Citizen, Calgary Herald, Vancouver
Sun, etc) started working on a plan to be more directly engaged with
readers in a different way. We recognized that Toronto was in the middle
of a food renaissance and that there were lots of food lovers who were not
only passionate about food and their city, but also had a lot of expertise
to share. In mid-May we came up with the Gastropost concept of weekly food
missions, then worked with the excellent National Post design and
editorial teams to launch it just two weeks later. We move fast!

b) I’m assuming everyone is a “foodie” who works on Gastropost… True of

We love food, yes! But honestly, we’ve always believed that Gastroposters
themselves are the experts. Even before we launched we made sure to
connect and involve a few of the community’s leading voices, and now we’re
learning new things from our members every day. (Incidentally, we also
discovered early on that even some hard-core food people don’t consider
themselves “foodies,” which is why we talk about “food lovers” instead. We
try to make room for diehard foodies and more casual food lovers alike.)

c) Have you ever received a food photo and found yourself going out later
that day to purchase that item?

You have no idea how difficult it can be to watch all of your delicious
food photos roll in all day! Our office collectively gains a few pounds
every time we host one of the more decadent or indulgent missions. So yes,
we for sure look to Gastroposters for both home cooking and dining out

d) When was Gastropost launched?

In late May 2012 we sent our first mission ‹ simply, “Eat something
delicious!” ‹ to a small handful of Gastropost pioneers, the results of
which were in National Post for the first time on June 2nd. We’ve been in
the paper every Saturday since, and a few weekdays as well, meaning this
week’s salad mission is mission number 35!

e) How many submissions do you normally receive a week?

As you might expect it varies a bit from week to week. We’ve had as many
as 300 different people complete a single mission, and often some people
complete the mission multiple times, meaning we would have received even
more than 300 individual missions. Since we’re growing, more missions are
being completed each week.

f) What’s been the most successful social media platform for
Gastropost…twitter, instagram or Facebook

That depends. Twitter is great for following and chatting with members,
which we love to do, and probably explains why we currently have more
followers on Twitter than anywhere else. Because it’s more visual we love
using Facebook to feature posts and announce new missions, and Facebook
polls do very well for us too. We only started posting mission
announcements to Instagram a couple months ago and we had a few hundred
followers before posing our first image, so there’s obviously a lot of
potential there. As far as how people complete missions, Instagram is
number one.

g) What’s the feedback been like?

Overwhelming and humbling. It’s so amazing how much people love Gastropost
and how expertly missions get completed. It’s motivating, inspiring and a
big part of why we love our jobs.

Congratulations to the entire team at Gastropost. What a great concept!!



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