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I’ve been composing a bucket list for the last few years. To be exact, I wrote one in 2012, and 2013.  For some reason I skipped 2014 – go figger.

Here’s my bucket list for 2015!

1) Complete a 10 km race: I haven’t run a race for a few years and I kind of miss it. (notice the word “Kind of”). So it’s time for me to sign up for a race…even though I don’t wear a watch when I run. However one thing has nothing to do with the other. Right?

2) Buy a road bike: It’s been a few years since I’ve been on a bike and I miss that too. It’s a time suck to go out for a long ride but it really feels great afterwards. Sadly I’m lazy to do the research and would like the bike to just magically appear. #inmydreams

On a side note: if I bike, run and go swimming too – then maybe I can sign up for a Sprint triathlon. Time will tell!


3) Travel to Italy: This is GOING to happen and I’m too excited for words.

4) Print my photos: I use to be so good at this and for the last for years I got lazy. Now that I’ve discovered the Black’s App I should be able to complete this goal!

blacks app

5) Eat My Way thru Hamilton and Barrie: I’ve never done a food crawl in these two cities but I know I need to!

6) Buy a Fresh Truffle: I’ve bought Truffle oil before and Truffle Butter – but it’s time for me to buy the real thing.

7) Buy a pillow that lasts. Why oh Why am I buying cheap pillows? This must change.

8) Take a class at George Brown: I have a friend who took a Bread Making Course and loved her facebook updates about her classes. I should do it, right?

9) Try Container Gardening: I finally have a balcony and I’m convinced that I can have a balcony full of beautiful flowers this Spring/Summer. I’ve had moderate success with a herb pot so wish me luck keeping flowers alive!


10) Volunteer: I want to give back. I’ve been so fortunate in my life and it’s time for me to give back. Simple as that.

Wishing everyone a very Happy New Year.

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When I was asked if I would be interested in interviewing Canadian two-time Olympic medalist and four-time Olympic Triathlete,….Simon Whitfield….I didn’t hesitate to say YES!!

chocolate - simon

Here’s a recap of the interview!

Momwhoruns: I drink coffee after I run on the treadmill. Not good, right? What should I be drinking?

Simon: Chocolate milk!!

Momwhoruns: Any tips how I can get motivated to get off the dreadmill and start running outside?

Simon: There’s nothing wrong with running on a treadmill but I would suggest running on an incline of 1%.

Momwhoruns: I understand you are a huge fan of Chocolate Milk. How would you answer this question: chocolate milk AND _____________.!

Simon: Chocolate milk and a banana with almond butter

Momwhoruns: Sometimes after a workout I just want to nap – what am I doing wrong? shouldn’t I feel energized?

Simon: Perhaps you you don’t have the right pre workout fuel?

Momwhoruns: What’s your cheat food?

Simon: A good croissant!

Momwhoruns: Do you add chocolate milk to any smoothies? I bet that’s a great way to incorporate chocolate milk into a post recovery workout drink.

Simon: My favorite combo is chocolate milk, greek yogurt, blueberries and lemon fish oil

Momwhoruns:  Avocado Chocolate Pudding: yay or nay?

Simon: Those are two of my favorite foods but I have never tried this combo.

Momwhoruns: What do you remember about your first triathlon?

Simon: I was 11 years old and I wore a Mickey Mouse hat and boxer shorts with cows on them.

Momwhoruns: Any advice for momwhoruns so she can keep on running?

Simon: Consistency

Clearly Simon is a huge fan of Chocolate Milk as it’s an ideal recovery drink after vigorous exercise that helps people to rehydrate, refuel and recharge their bodies.

Here’s a photo of me listening to Simons advice!


I also want to share a (cool) contest that’s going on. Please click on for complete information and all the details!!

The contest involves a prize that is a runner’s dream …(seriously)

  • Residents of Ontario and Atlantic Canada have the chance to win a 12-week training program with four-time Olympian and Canadian triathlete, Simon Whitfield, as their very own personal trainer to prepare for one of the races at the 2015 Halifax Blue Nose Marathon or the 2015 Mississauga Marathon. 
  • The winner will also receive an all-expense paid trip for two people to the Halifax Blue Nose Marathon or the Mississauga Marathon, new running gear and a supply of chocolate milk.
  • This prize is valued at approx $10,000.

 The contest is super easy.

  • Once registered, (again, visit  you will be immediately entered to win one of the weekly prizes.
  • Share your post-workout routines on Twitter and/or Instagram using the #RwMRewards hashtag.
  • The more post-workout routines you share, the better your chances to be selected by the panel of judges to win the grand prize!
  • Click on the link for the Recharge Rewards contest

Many thanks Dairy Farmers of Canada for arranging this interview.








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O.K…I’m just going to spit it out.

MomWhoRuns…has NOT BEEN RUNNING. Phewww….I feel better already.  Seriously, I should switch the name of my blog to MomWhoEats.

running shoes

I ran the Toronto Half Marathon on May 6, 2012 and have not put on my running shoes since that date.

No Zumba..No Body Pump... No GoodLife Membership….No Triathlons.….No treadmill. No NOTHING.  Bye Bye wet suits, bikes, Lululemon, and more!!

Oh how I miss cross training!!

Oh how I miss cross training!!

Why did I stop exercising? I figured that it was time for a sabbatical after working out for 7 years. Not to mention that I had gained some serious weight in April/May 2012 and in June 2012. decided to make major changes to my diet (another blog post – I promise).

Here are the pros/cons regarding my decision to stop working out.


-I have a LOT more free time

-I lost two sizes and more than 20 pounds


-I miss all of it…the races, challenging my body and reaching fitness goals.

Therefore, in late April I had the opportunity to visit the InsideOut  Studio  (210 Laird Dr, Toronto) for a work out. I loved it. I truly did. It felt great to move again and I loved the one-on-one private training session.

Sadly, I have NOT put on my running shoes since that visit.

I thought that on May 6, 2013 I would put on my running shoes and start to run again. Sadly, this has not happen.

Any advice?

PS Many thanks to the InsideOut Studio for reaching out to me! For further information about this boutique studio, please contact them at (416) 849-4765 or visit their website.

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I am  really nervous about running the Toronto Marathon this Sunday. Let me rephrase that – I AM FREAKING. I have every doubt, fear, and have zero confidence at the moment. This happens to me before every race so I should be use to it. But I’m not. I have done 3 half marathons and before each race, I am a wreck. Go figure.

I seriously did not think I was going to register today, but I am going to. I decided last nite (nothing like waiting to the last minute) after reading some positive comments from my facebook friends. I seem to always resister the day of the expo, but that’s because I want to see what the weather is like (ok ok..I’m a bit of a princess). Guess what? It’s going to be 16 degrees and sunny on Sunday. Talk about “Perfect Conditions”.

So let’s review why I am so nervous:

1. I have only been training on a treadmill.. It’s weird – I know. I did not go out for a run once outdoors.

2. My longest run has only been 9 miles. I am hoping praying, that the rest is all mental.

3. I am registering late, so it will cost me $105 to participate. This is a problem, as I can think of a few restaurants I could go to with this money.

4. I am SLOWREALLY SLOW. In fact with each race, I get slower and slower  – so why am I doing this? (don’t answer).

I have resolved to do the following things to help me on Sunday:

1. I am NOT going to wear a watch. I am just going to shuffle my way thru the 21 km and just enjoy the moment.

2. I am going to celebrate  this accomplishment and go to Poutini’s on Sunday nite. It’s about the only thing I will be able to afford!!

3. I am going to try and repeat this mantra throughout the race “one step at a time…one step at a time” and “you can do this…you can do this”.

Happy to hear from any of my readers with words of encouragement. These comments really do help me.

P.S. after this race…I am going to cross train for the next few months and get ready for a Sprint Triathlon. I didn’t do one last year and I really missed it. I know I will go thru the same “pre-race” jitters but for some reason I am less of a wreck. Except for the swim part. Stay tuned for a similar blog post.

Wish me luck.



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I’ve got a confession to make. My twitter handle is “momwhoruns” – but I haven’t put on my running shoes for MONTHS. I should rename my blog “momwhoeats” coz I certainly haven’t been running. But I would never do that – coz I really really like going to the gym.

Just a few months ago,  I was regularly going to Body Pump classes, Zumba Classes at GoodLife Fitness (sometimes two classes back to back), or running on a treadmill. Now I am doing NOTHING ..absolutely NOTHING.

I LOVED this class...

I have even participated in triathlons over the last five years and this was the first year I didn’t do one (sniff).

Vicky - Smiling - After The Race!

It kinda feels good and it kinda feels bad.

Here’s why it feels good:

-I have more TIME

-Im not as hungry (infact I have not gained weight at all – huge surprise)

Here’s why it feels bad:

-I miss having a goal i.e to accomplish a half marathon, or do a sprint or an olympic distance triathlon

-I miss zumba and body pump. I totally enjoyed those classes.

I’m sure I will return to the gym one day soon!! It’s just a matter of time….right?

p.s I shouldn’t be so hard on myself (but I am) as I did complete the Sporting Life 10K and The Toronto Half Marathon…but they were in MAY!!

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I got over my fear of running in the rain!!

I ran the GoodLife Toronto Half Marathon in the rain today and I have a lot of people to thank!! I am normally a pretty decisive person but when it comes to “races” ..I procrastinate. I’m always signing up for them at the LAST MINUTE.

Case and point this past Friday which was the last day to sign up and pick up your race kit.

After studying weather patterns like a mad woman, I realized the weather was going to be lousy. I called up a buddy who said “think positive”. I replied “I cant”. I then asked him if he ever ran a race in the rain. He replied “I raced a half ironman in the rain for 7 full hours”. That answer certainly put things in perspective for me.

Then I tweeted “looks like rain on Sunday…cant decide if I should register. So nervous”! The words of encouragement came pouring in:

@aurorameyer…a half marathon in the rain means no sweat stinging in your eyes. It also means investing in more Body Glide, wet clothes rub.

@karmasdogma….I did a 20km training run in rain. Wear a hat to keep rain off face. Use good (not cotton) running socks. Good luck.

@Ontario Culinary…it’s refreshing. You’ll do great.

@Botdenlrma….go Vicky. It smells great outside when its raining maybe that keeps you going

@KiddingAround…Perhaps the rain will be refreshing. Best of luck

@MichaelNus..the rain will cool you down

@CookTrainEatRce rain or no rain, it’s still 13.1 miles and you have trained for it. You will be golden.

@HorriblePeanut..Ive done a 32 k training run in the pouring rain. Just concentrate on the the feeling of WIN you will get and a hot shower

@HorriblePeanut..YOU CAN DO IT

After all those great tweets…I went down to the CNE grounds and registered!!

So how did it go? I had a terrible sleep (which is what happens every time before a race)..woke up at 7 a.m., got dressed, make an egg white omlette and a piece of toast and at 7:20 a.m. I was picked up by my buddy’s friend. We got to Mel Lastman Square and before we knew it, it was 8:00 a.m

By 5 km…I didnt notice the weather anymore!! I put one foot infront of the other and kept going. The last few kilometres up University were brutal. I was stopping more then I wanted to.

Finally after 2 hours and 16 minutes I crossed the finish line. I felt great!! I walked to grab a taxi and treated my muscles to the best spa ever…Body Blitz!

I dipped into the sea salt pool, the green tea pool, the cold plunge pool, and also took advantage of the infrared sauna and the eucalyptus sauna. I rested. I drank an ice tea and left feeling AWESOME.

I will actually be able to climb down the stairs tomorrow AND sit in a chair thanks to the water therapy at Body Blitz.

I really had a great day. Thanks again to everyone for all the words of encouragement. It really made a difference.

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I'm smiling now but I wasnt smiling in July 2010

I had been running without a watch for 5 years. All that changed last summer, when I found out that the Garmin Forerunner 405 was at Costco.

So I bought it. I though it was about time (no pun intended) that I owned a watch.

I was SO excited!! Finally I could track my distance on my rides AND on my runs, my heart rate and all sorts of fun data.


I could not figure out how to use it. Period. I sat with the manual..with the watch…with YouTube videos and had NO LUCK.

My ironman buddy tried to teach me. NOPE…could not get the hang out of it. I was kinda of pissed, as this watch was not cheap.

Finally last week, while attending a social media party called #whatthehashtag, I met @RobTyrie and I noticed he was wearing the

watch that I had not been able to use since JULY 2010. I told him about my fustration. Rob mentioned that it took him HOURS to figure out the manual.

(I believe him. I really do.) Standing beside Rob was was @aprildunford

who said that it was THE WORST MANUAL EVER and they fired the whole time who wrote the manual.. I asked Rob if he could teach both of us how to use it. He gladly accepted the challenge.

We met on Sunday at The Mad Bean for a coffee and I showed up with the manuals and the watch. Sadly April couldnt join us. He patiently taught me how to use it and it took hours!! (I’m not joking).

I wrote notes…the whole nine yards.

Has anyone else had this type of experience with a product? Does anyone else own a Garmin?

Do rant. I just did and it feels great. LOL

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