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I’ve been making lunches for a while now as I have a daughter who is almost 16 and a son who is 19. I’m not going to do the math (cause I hate math) but I’m pretty sure I’ve made A LOT of lunches over the years.

In a recent survey of 1,000 GTA parents, Longo’s delved into the topic of getting back into the school year routine. Here are a few highlights:

·While 15 percent of parents confess they would rather walk over hot coals than make their kids’ lunches every day, the majority don’t mind the weekday routine.

· This isn’t just about what moms think –Forty-six percent of dads take ownership of school lunches and enjoy the job (81 percent of men enjoy packing lunch vs 76 percent of women).

– One quarter of respondents say they lose their meal-making mojo by the second week of school. That number increases to half by Thanksgiving

For my kids, lunches have always revolved around a sandwich, a fruit, a veggie, 2 snacks and a drink.  Actually the school they attended sent out letters about ideal lunches and snacks!

Here are my 5 tips:

1) Invest in a Thermos. They aren’t cheap but they are SO worth it. I’ve stuffed them with rice/veggies, pasta and soup. It’s a nice alternative to a sandwich and your kids might enjoy something hot too.


2) TALK to your kids about their favorite snacks, favorite veggies and fruit. I’m not kidding but I’m still doing this as it seems to constantly change.  I now pack – sliced cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, hummus, a sandwich, sliced apple, and water. However I put money on it, that this list will change in 6 months!!

3) Head to Longo’s to take advantage of their “snack and go” items. I consider this a “treat” but I know that my daughter will enjoy it and it saves me a bit of time too. Longo’s has a fantastic website with all sorts of great information to inspire you to make those 5 lunches each and every week!

4) Mix it up a bit. Here’s what I mean … instead of a sandwich I’ve been wrapping up a veggie hot dog in a whole wheat tortilla!

5. Put a note in your childs lunch box every once in a while. My mom did this for me and I still remember it.



6. Check out the Longo’s Recipe Database for some inspirational recipes. This will really help. Trust. Me.

September is truly a crazy month for parents – there’s school supplies to buy, outfits to purchase, forms to fill out and all those orientation meetings etc. If you find you are pressed for time, don’t forget that  Grocery Gateway  might come in handy at this time of year.

For more information:

Twitter: @longosmarkets


Disclosure: I’ve been compensated for this post, however all my opinions are my own.


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For many years, every time I travelled to Ottawa we would stop at SUBWAY for lunch in Kingston. It was right off the highway and offered us a quick and healthy meal.

My relationship with SUBWAY continued as I recently turned 50 and served my guests a 6 ft subway. It was a HUGE hit with my guests (sorry..couldn’t resist the joke). Take a peek at this enormous box that it’s packed in!!

subway - box

Not sure if you know this, but there’s a Build a Winner contest that is taking place now, that invites SUBWAY Canada fans on Facebook to build out their unique sandwich combination!

There’s weekly draws for a $100 SUBWAY cash card, and a grand prize of $1000 up for grabs.
subway - posterPlease click on this link for further information


Twitter: @SubwayCanada

Hashtag; #BuildAWinner

Hope you get a chance to enter this contest soon as the contest ends May 31st, 2015!!

Disclosure: This blog post is sponsored however all my opinions are my own


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I’ve been a fan of Aroma Espresso Bar, since they opened their first Canadian location in 2007. They now have 25 locations in Toronto and 150 locations world wide!

I must admit I keep returning to Aroma for these two reasons: I love the mug that my coffee is served in, and I love the piece of chocolate that comes with my coffee. I know it sounds shallow but it’s the truth!

aroma - coffee

I’m also fond of the food that they serve. I probably like this dish the best. It’s called Shakshuka. Described as: Two sunny-side up eggs, on top of a rich warm tomato and pepper sauce. Served with Tahini and your choice of freshly baked bread. Can you say “YUM”? 

aroma - shakTheir sandwiches are ALL  divine. In my humble opinion, their sandwiches are all fabulous due to the BREAD. There is something about their bread that sets it apart from others!

aroma - sandwich


When I’m not inhaling shakshuka or a sandwich..I’ve been known to order a salad too. Always fresh and always tasty!

aroma - salad

Now that the cooler temperatures have arrived, I know I will be enjoying Aromas’ satisfying soups as well.

aroma - soup

It’s interesting to note, that everyone time I give a friend an option to meet at Aroma or another coffee shop, they always choose Aroma as they want to eat. I never disagree.

It’s also interesting to note that Aroma was one of the first restaurants who were “twitter” friendly back in 2010. #impressed.

For more information:


Twitter: @aromaespressobar





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This Sample Sale only opens to the public twice a year and it’s well worth visiting. Seriously.


1. You get the chance to buy your clothes 6 months in advance. This means, when I go to the sample sale in November, I’m buying my Spring clothes and when Spring (finally) arrives….I’m set to go.

2. You save $$$. Lots of it. Sample Sale prices are  wholesale.

3. You will always look unique as there is only ONE of each item at the Sample Sale. I have only bumped into two people in 8 years who were wearing the same piece I had bought at the sample sale (sadly…they bought it retail at a very different price).

4. It’s held in a showroom where the staff are super friendly and knowledgeable. I love asking them for advice and they have never steered me wrong.


1. Sample Sales are best suited if you are a size 6, 8, or a 10.

2. A lot of people can’t get their head around the fact that they are buying Spring Clothes in the Winter or their Winter Clothes in the Spring. I have no problem with this. (clearly)

Here’s a small example of SOME of the clothes I purchased in November 2011. (click here for more photos of what I purchased)

sample sale - 2

Here’s a few of the WINTER merchandise I bought in April 2012. It’s hard to see the details of these blouses and sweaters but trust me….there’s detail. I bought another 6 pieces but I didn’t want to take too many selfies and I didn’t want to bore you.

sample sale - 1

This years sample sale is taking place on Monday Nov. 11th, Tuesday Nov. 12,  & Wednesday Nov 13. All the details you need to know can be found on the flyer below.


I will be there on Monday morning at 10 am sharp. Hope to see you there too.

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This showroom opens up to the public only twice a year and I swear I’ve only missed it once in the last five years. Silly me – I was out of town.

That won’t ever happen again. Here’s a few reasons why I love this sample sale:

a) I buy clothes my Fall clothes in the spring, which means I wont be freaking out  what to wear in the Fall as I will have bought a chunk of my wardrobe in May.

b) There is only one item available at the sample sale so I know I will look unique. (this doesnt happen too often).

c) I save $$$…

d) I really like the women who own this showroom. They are super helpful and always help me make the right decisions.

e)  it’s not far from where I live…kinda convenient.

HERES THE INFORMATION (that was missing in the previous blog post – sorry about that)

Hagerty & LeMessurier Fashion Sales, 71 Wingold Suite  102 (just south of lawrence on the west of side of dufferin)

Tuesday May 24 from 10 am to 7 pm, Wednesday May 25 from 10 to 6 pm, Thursday May 26th from 10 to 4 p.m

Collections include: Eric Alexandre, Sandwich, Lemondrop, Pure and Simple and more.

Happy Shopping!!

ps suitable for those who are size 6, 8, 10

pss this is the Fall/Winter season sample sale…

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wore these two outfits all summer

I have been a huge fan of sample sales for the last five years (or more). My favorite sample sale is taking place next week. They only open their doors twice a year to the public and I have only missed it once in 5 years (I was out of town. Can you believe?)

So here’s the details:

Hagerty and LeMessurier Fashions, 71 Wingold (Dufferin and Lawrence), Wednesday Nov. 24th from 10 to 7 and Thursday Nov. 25th from 10 to 6.

Samples will be mostly size 8 but if you are a size 6 or size 10 (like me)…you can still find merchandise that will fit you. I should also warn you that it will be SUMMER merchandise.

Here’s a few of the lines you will find: Eric Alexandre, Isda + Co, NTS and Sandwich. It’s worth clicking on the links!!

In the picture, those two outfits are from Sandwich. I swear,  I wore those two outfits over and over. The nice thing about sample sales is that I never find anyone else wearing what I’m wearing.  Plus I dont have to panic and go to the mall coz I bought everything BEFORE the season started. OH yeah…I save 50%. That’s kinda important to me!!

Other Sales:

Accentrix Fashion Accessories, 555 Richmond Street W (in the lobby) starting Wednesday Nov 17th. Purses, scarves, jewellery, belts, leather gloves etc. Cash only.

I have been going to that sale for a few years too and always score.


100 rooms for $100 at Blue Mountain in Collingwood,  Nov 19 -21. call 1 877 445 0231. How sweet is that? I would be going except we have special function this weekend. Would have made a great get-a-way weekend. Let me know if any of you take advantage of this super special.

Happy Savings!!

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