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I’m new to the world of camping. Last year, we tried it (read more by clicking here) and decided that we should go camping again seeing as we had invested in all the equipment.

I found myself asking more experienced friends for their favourite campground that was close to Toronto and Sibbald Provincial Park kept coming up in conversation.

Therefore I picked up the phone and dialled 1-888-668-7275  and booked the last camp site available on July 16/17 that had an electrical outlet. FYI –  we booked campsite 902 that was close to three things: the store, the beach, the comfort station

The only reason I use this outlet is to charge my phone. Is that bad? We didn’t use it to blow up the air mattress this year and just brought yoga mats instead. Not sure if this was the wisest move. LOL

camping - outlet

Our Coleman tent that was purchased at Canadian Tire last year, still goes up in 10 minutes. It’s brilliant. I will admit that I’m not putting it up but I believe even I(who has “manual phobia”) would be able to do it.

camping - tent

Our meals this year were pretty basic – dinner consisted of salad, hot dogs and smores and for breakfast I had fried eggs and salami.

camping - eggs

As for my thoughts about Sibbald Provincial Park:


-it’s close to Toronto i.e. 90 minutes from downtown

-it has a lovely beach thats ideal for families with young kids i.e. its shallow


– It’s one busy park. I mean really busy.

I was smart and returned to the beach when it was pretty empty so I could capture this photo at sunset.

camping - sunset

Looking forward to my blog post next year: Camping: Year 3. Wonder which park we will go to? Time will tell.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!


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Before I go camping, I had two things to accomplish:

1.Visit Hale Coffee (33 Campbell Ave) to help them celebrate their opening and to grab a free coffee which they are offering all day on July 16th. I’m in love with their space and their coffee these days.

hale - coffee

2. Blog about the Honda Indy which is taking place this weekend July 15-17) at Exhibition Place. I went for my first time last year and I was mesmerized by the whole scene. ..the cars, the complexity of every part, the massive tires, the speed, the “team work” that is involved etc.

I had the chance to walk around and get pretty close to these cars, the parts, and even a famous driver race driver (Josef Winegarten)

Here’s a few photos to inspire you to go!!

honda - car

honda - racer2

honda - part

Have a great weekend.

PS next weekend is the Rogers Cup (July 23-31). This will be quite the tournament for Milos Raonic  where he will surely receive a warm homecoming from his Canadian fans. Murray is set to return to Rogers Cup as well, as defending champion.

Next weekend is also the Toronto Festival of Beer! (July 22-24) Oh my…so much going on and so little time!





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In the event that you don’t have a cottage or you aren’t taking a summer vacation – DON’T WORRY.  I swear to you, that there’s no shortage of events and festivals right here in Toronto.

BlogTO recently posted: Top 54 Festivals in Toronto this summer. Click here to read that list. It’s quite impressive.

BlogTO also posted: Top Ten Food Festivals near Toronto this Summer. Click here to read that list. Again – quite impressive.

I love BlogTO. Don’t you? May I suggest that you subscribe to them or download their app so you can stay on top of all the fabulous events/restaurant openings, etc that are taking place? #hint.

There’s also neighbourhood events like the Mount Pleasant Village Shop, Dine and Wine on June 16th.


My Summer Bucket list includes:

Camping: Went last year to Elora. As you can see from this photo we picked a pretty quiet spot. #score

festival - camping

-Hiking in the Hamilton area to see waterfalls. Specifically Webster Waterfalls. (which I keep seeing photos of on the internet)


-Learning to row. (I say this ever summer)

-Biking along the lake shore and on county roads. Believe it or not I bought this used bike in the Spring of 2015 and have never used it. ARGGHH

festival - bike

-Visiting a pick-your-own- cherry farm.

Let’s see what I can accomplish. Time will tell.

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

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Fact: This is the first year I have ever bought winter tires. (insert: applause)

winter - tire

It felt like the right thing to do seeing as I spend quite a bit of time on the roads as a sales rep. Plus I understand that I can save money on my insurance if I have winter tires. (note to self: call my insurance provider tomorrow).

I explored getting my winter tires from Costco or getting my tires from Canadian Tire.

Here’s what happened at Costco:

-I approached the friendly clerk who told me that I had to go online and book an appointment or come back at 6:30 am.

Here’s what happened at my local Canadian Tire (Lawrence and the Allen).

-I approached the friendly clerk who told me he could change my tires on the spot.

Guess who got my business? I left Canadian Tire in less than an hour with 4 new winter tires on my car.


Seeing as I’m writing about Canadian Tire, I want to mention that I’ve had several great experiences buying merchandise at this store. For example: During the summer, I bought camping equipment and a few things I needed from their kitchen department as well.

Thanks Canadian Tire for providing such great service. I’m seriously loving my new winter tires.

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For many years, I went to summer camp and fondly remember many canoe trips and even a sailing trip! However as an adult I’ve only gone camping three times. Sad but true.

Last week this all changed, as I finally went camping again.

Here’s what was involved:

a) I googled “best camping spots near Toronto”. Found this great website  that inspired me to pick up the phone and call a  1 888 number to book a camp site at Elora Gorge Conservation Area. On a side note: I found it extremely interesting (?) to call an American Call Centre to book a Canadian Camp Site.

b) I sent out a tweet: “Going Camping. Need a recommendation for a tent”. My fellow lifestyle blogger friend (who goes camping regularly) suggested: Coleman.

I swear her camping blog posts inspire me and I encourage you to click here to read about her camping adventures.

c) Went to Canadian Tire to buy a tent, sleeping bag, cooler, lanterns and a bbq grill. The Coleman tent said it would go up in a minute and I swear it went up in a minute. It took less time to set up the tent than it does to make my bed!  As for the sleeping bag – it kept me warm and cozy and it was on sale! $39.99 ! (hooray). Actually the tent was on sale too. ($189)

camping - tent

d) As for food: I wanted to follow the rule: K.I.S.S (keep it simple) – so eggs, bread, hot dogs, jiffy pop corn, pancake mix, salami, bagged salad, oysters, tuna patties, muffins, blueberries, cheese, etc were on the menu!!

camping - cooking

e) The camp site we selected (area C number 166) was quiet, well shaded and included electricity (so I could charge my phone…I’m bad eh?). It wasn’t near the water or the quarry but I didn’t care  – it was QUIET and peaceful and truly beautiful to be surrounded by so many trees.

camping - trees Even though it rained and we left early, we did get a chance to hang out for a few hours at the Quarry.

camping - quarry

What did we learn?

-we forgot oven mitts and toilet paper. Oops!!

-we didn’t bring the right clothes and it rained an rained and rained. In fact it rained so much that we packed up our tent and left a day early.

However, we can’t wait to go camping again and trust me, I will be blogging about these experiences.

To book a campsite this summer:

Grand River Conservation Area: 1-877-558-GRCA (4722)

Reservations at Ontario Provincial Parks: 1-888-ONT-PARK (1-888-668-7275)

To buy camping equipment:

Head to for all your camping needs!

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Last weekend, I went camping at Island Spirits on Rice Lake. As you might know (or might not know) meal planning is an important element of the camping experience. We actually sat down and made a menu plan so that we would be prepared. Camping on an island means that there is no “corner” store to run to in the event you forget something!!

This is what we ate:

Friday nite: Salmon (click here for the recipe) and baked potatoes.

Friday nite dessert; Marshmallows (of course)

Saturday morning: Scrambled eggs and Yves Veggie Sausages

Kept me going all morning

Saturday lunch: Pizza made in the  wood fired brick oven. Was thrilled that we took advantage of this unique oven on the island

Awesome oven and an awesome chef!!

bubbling pizza

Saturday dinner: It was suppose to be corn on the cob but the sheep thought it was THEIR dinner. Dont get me started.

no corn for us…but I’m sure the sheep were happy

Instead, we had a huge salad.

Other food items we enjoyed: Pringles, blueberries, cherries, cereal and more. Next time we camp, will be freezing milk bags and not bringing a carton of milk. What do you think? good idea?

As for the camping vs eco cabin debate. Here are my thoughts:

a) If you stay in a eco cabin (there are only 3 on the island)  No sheep will be waking you up at 615 a.m “baaayyyiinng”.

Ya You..Thats right ..YOU. Were you the one baa-hhh-ing at 615 am?

b) If you stay in an eco cabin you don’t have to ensure that everything is “locked up” to prevent the sheep from eating your pens, food, etc.

c) Price. Slightly more money to stay in a cabin than to camp ($75 a weekend per adult for the weekend for a campsite vs $190 to $225 for an eco cabin) Here are the rates.

Needless to say we had a wonderful time enjoying the 21 acres (the size of the island). Lucky for us, there was only one other couple on the island. Talk about peace. I hear it’s not the same if you camp at a Provincial Park. Guess who is going to find out? ME. We have already began our search for the perfect camping spot. (suggestions welcome) Stay Tuned.

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