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True Story: Back in June 2009, I found out on Chowhound that Poutinis was opening. Naturally I wanted to avoid line ups and got there as soon as the doors opened. Guess what? I was their second customer.

Fast forward to April 19th, 2016: I woke up and saw the following email in my inbox.

“Hi Vicky!

It looks like we’ll be opening our new location tomorrow evening, we’d love to see you if you felt like coming by! (You’re a good luck charm!!)

Sent by Katie

I wrote back to Katie, saying how kind she was to send this email to me and indeed I would drop by after work. By the way, she also found the first customer from 2009. How cool is that? It’s proof how much she cares about her customers. Don’t you think?

Naturally I ran down to their newest location (617 King St. W) and this time I was their FIRST customer. #hooray #happycustomer

I was given this awesome t-shirt and will wear it proudly!!

poutini - tshirt

As for the space, the King St West location has the same cool vibe as the Queen St. W location.

poutini - grid

As for the poutine: it’s perfect. It always is!!

Congratulations to the great team behind this brilliant concept. I only wish them all the best and continued success.

poutini - team2

For more information:


Address: 617 King St W or 1112 Queen St. West

Twitter ns Instagram: @poutini


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I’ve just returned from my 7th visit to Las Vegas with my mom. Our trip includes a lot of suntanning (with sunscreen) and eating. Naturally I did a lot of research before our vacation started and made a point of researching restaurants that were OFF the strip. You see, a few years ago we learned that there’s some amazing food to be found that’s NOT on the Strip. Here’s a list of the restaurants that we enjoyed that were just a short cab ride away from our hotel.

1. Night #1: Hot N Juicy Crawfish – we discovered this restaurant a few years ago and even though we try not to go back to the same restaurant twice….we decided that we HAD to go back to this restaurant. The seafood is beyond fresh and we love how your meal arrives to your table in a steaming hot plastic bag. Naturally plastic bibs and even plastic gloves are given out to guests. Not to mention…a roll of paper towels are on your table  as well.

Top Left: The meal arrives. See how happy we are? Top Right: What our table looks like AFTER our meal. Bottom: Love the fact that they have been on The Cooking Channel.

Notice what we are holding in our hands? That's our dinner!!

Notice what we are holding in our hands? That’s our dinner!!

2. Night #2: Chada Thai & Wine. I discovered this restaurant after posting on Chowhound. I then read enough fabulous reviews on Yelp and Urbanspoon to know that we would definitely  be dining a this restaurant. We were NOT disappointed at all. I asked our amazing waiter (Bank) to assist us with selecting 4 dishes and he delivered 4 perfect items. The food was fresh, flavorful and light. My mom and I were beyond happy.

Top Right: Pad Hed (Shitake and Shimeji mushrooms stir fried with brussels sprouts and lotus root). Bottom Left: Yum Kai Nok Kata (Fried Quail eggs topped with dry shrimp, cilantro, onion. Spicy lime dressing). Bottom Right: Pla Nua Tod (crispy beef tossed with rice powder, spicy tamarind sauce, onion and mint, served with fresh cabbage).

Not kidding: I would order all of these dishes again in a heart beat.

vegas - chada

Save room for dessert!

chada - dessert


Night #3: In – N – Out Burger. I don’t know where to start to describe this burger. Let’s just say it’s perfect and this restaurant makes me happy (just like the song…sorry, couldn’t resist). In-N-Out Burger has never chnaged their menu and there is a reason why they haven’t changed it. THERE IS NO NEED. Sadly I forgot to order the Animal Style French Fries which is on a “secret menu” and was kicking myself. #nexttime.

vegas - innout2

I also discovered a restaurant called Eat which is only open from 8 to 3 during the week and on weekends from 8 to 2 pm. The reviews I read were outstanding so off we went on a cloudy day for lunch. Even though I love sitting in the sun, I was thrilled that we had this day to discover this restaurant and go shopping!!

Top Right: Cinnamon Biscuits with warm strawberry compote Bottom Left: Green Chili Chicken Posole Bottom Right:Truffled Egg Sandwich.

vegas - eat

On our last night: We celebrated the end of another mother/daughter Vegas trip with our usual jello shots from Fat Tuesday & Chippery inside Caesars Palace. We’ve been going to this little gem of a spot for 6 years to enjoy this $2 treat. LOL.

vegas - jelloshotAs you can see, I had another amazing trip with my mom and would like to thank her for this perfect birthday gift. I’m so lucky have a mom who also loves to travel, sit in the sun and eat good food. I’m already looking forward to spending my birthday with her next year in Vegas!!

For more information:

Hot ‘N Juicy Crawfish 4810 Spring Mountain Road, Las Vegas,  702 891 8889

Chada Thai and Wine  3400 S Jones Blvd. Las Vegas, 702 641 1345 (reservations recommended)

In-N-Out Burger (2 locations in Las Vegas)…4888 Dean Martin Drive or 2900 W. Sahara Ave.

Eat 707 Carson St. Las Vegas (702) 534 1515

Fat Tuesday & Chippery: Forum Shops at  Caesars Palace, 3500 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas.


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Here’s a quick summary of The Stop’s Night Market:

What is The Stop Community Food Centre? Located in the west end, The Stop works to increase access to food in a manner that maintains dignity, builds health and community and challenges inequality. The Stop  does it  all; Some of their initiatives include community kitchens, gardens, cooking classes, drop in meals, outdoor bake ovens, food markets and community advocacy.

What is the The Stops’s Night Market?  The Stop Community Food Centre’s Night Market is a teeming feast for the eyes, belly and heart. It’s also a fundraiser with great sponsors and a dedicated group of volunteers, chefs, performers and designers. Fact: 800 tickets were sold to the public,  each night (June 19 &20). They were sold out within the first two hours when tickets went on sale on May 22!

Who is there? 60 chefs, 82 food and drink vendors, 35 one-0f-a-kind food carts created by local designers.

the stop - view

What did I eat? (what didn’t I eat?…LOL)

the stop - rose and sons

From Rose and Sons: Smoked Ham and Cheese Sandwich. This sandwich rocked. the stop - eggs

From Ese – Aprege eggs. Isn’t this presentation gorgeous?the stop - the chase

From The Chase: Something delicious that I failed to write down!!

What did I drink? Believe it or not I didn’t drink ANYTHING. Sad but true. I was just too busy eating and shmoozing!! #nextyear

Who is this woman? I met this woman at several Chowhound events over the last 5 years. She is such a foodie that she bought tickets for BOTH NIGHTS. #smartmove

the stop - edith

Where does your the $50 entry fee, go to? Your $50 ticket, supports innovative anti-hunger programs. Infact each tickets helps secure 50 free drop in meals , a 3 day emergency food hamper for a family or 500 lbs of tomatoes grown in the Stop’s  3000 square foot greenhouse.

Would I go again? UM…next year I am going to go on BOTH nights. That’s how great this event is.

For more information:

Please visit:

Twitter: @thestopCC



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Back in the day before twitter, I was on chowhound A LOT!! I didn’t post at that time – I was what one calls a “lurker”. (not a stalker..LOL).

Anyway, I’m sure it was on chowhound that I discovered this little restaurant on the SW corner of  Hwy 7 and Weston Rd. called Panini. It was cheap and cheerful and just my type of restaurant when I’m out on the road and looking for a quick sandwich.

I order the same sandwich each time – the veggie ‘n cheese. I use to eat it in my car – but have learned my lesson and will never do that again. (see photos below and you will soon find out why).

Their famous Sandwiches

What strikes me about this restaurant is the fact that there are only women in the kitchen. (think nonna – wearing a hair net). I finally had the chance to introduce myself to the owner who told me that when she (and her partner) bought the restaurant, the women in the kitchen stayed and have been with them ever since.

As for the sandwich: perfect bun, perfect amount of mushrooms, and I love the spicy tomato sauce!! Plus, it leaves the perfect MESS! Naturally I make sure I order my sauce “hot”. (as always I like flavor and heat)

Need I say more?

the mess on the foil - which I eat with a fork!! If I ate this in the car, it would be ALL OVER me

another photo of the mess!! But I love it. It wouldnt be the same if there was no mess. Do you know what I mean?

I’ve tried other Italian Sandwiches: Sandwiccio, Mustachio, California Sandwiches but always seem to favor Panini. I don’t know what it is – the spicy sauce, the mess that it leaves behind, or the  smiling nonna’s in the kitchen,  but it always seems to be my fav. panini sandwich.

I also love the fact that Five Guys opened up just a few doors away from them and they still are busy!! A burger is a burger and a panini is a panini. Clearly this little restaurant has a loyal following.

Panini Italian Sandwiches

7600 Weston Road

Vaughan, Ontario


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Beer Samples for $1. Love it.

Had a fun GNO (girls night out) with @Fortylicious. We headed down to C’est What to participate in an event which was part of  Ontario Craft Brewers Week. (June 19- 25).

They were offering samples at $1 – how could I NOT go? I mean seriuosly.

There were 27 beers to choose from but here’s what I consumed:

  • C’est What Steve’s Dreaded Chocolate Orange
  • C’est What Big Butt Smoked Dark Ale
  • C’est What Caraway Ale.
  • Mill Street Ginger Beer
  • Hop City American Ale

All the beer had great color, aroma and were highly drink-able.  I couldnt complain.

Both of us had not had dinner and by 9 p.m were were a bit hungry (not thirsty anymore..HA) and I asked Heather if she had ever been to Poutini’s.

She said “no, never been”. So that took care of that. We hopped over to queen west and went to  Poutini’s. She loved it (of course ). We both love the TEENY WEENY portion size and the fact that they have a vegan gravy option as well. (there’s also an option to use Daiya vegan cheese too but we chose to have the delicious cheese curds)

I told her a story that I discovered Poutini’s on chowhound two years ago and I went to their opening at 5 p.m on a Friday nite in June 2009. When I arrived, there was already a guy infront of me, waiting for the doors to open.

We were the first two customers, so we tried the poutine, took pictures – END OF STORY.

TWO YEARS LATER – Poutini’s is celebrating their second anniversary. I’m in line and guess who is behind me? The same guy from two years ago. Again, we had poutine and took pictures. How cute is that story?

The First and Second Customer of Poutini's

I love beer and I love Poutini’s. It was really a great night out.

For those of you who also love beer: Please mark in your calendar that the Toronto Beer Festival is taking place this year from Aug 5 -7  at Bandshell Park. I will be there soon as the gates open. Promise.

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