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True Story: Back in June 2009, I found out on Chowhound that Poutinis was opening. Naturally I wanted to avoid line ups and got there as soon as the doors opened. Guess what? I was their second customer.

Fast forward to April 19th, 2016: I woke up and saw the following email in my inbox.

“Hi Vicky!

It looks like we’ll be opening our new location tomorrow evening, we’d love to see you if you felt like coming by! (You’re a good luck charm!!)

Sent by Katie

I wrote back to Katie, saying how kind she was to send this email to me and indeed I would drop by after work. By the way, she also found the first customer from 2009. How cool is that? It’s proof how much she cares about her customers. Don’t you think?

Naturally I ran down to their newest location (617 King St. W) and this time I was their FIRST customer. #hooray #happycustomer

I was given this awesome t-shirt and will wear it proudly!!

poutini - tshirt

As for the space, the King St West location has the same cool vibe as the Queen St. W location.

poutini - grid

As for the poutine: it’s perfect. It always is!!

Congratulations to the great team behind this brilliant concept. I only wish them all the best and continued success.

poutini - team2

For more information:


Address: 617 King St W or 1112 Queen St. West

Twitter ns Instagram: @poutini


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It’s that time of year where we all attempt to eat healthier. Including me. I’m really trying hard to eliminate carbs and eat more protein. Therefore this Activia Challenge is perfect for me.

You see on Jan 1st at noon, I treated myself to Poutini’s and I haven’t had a carb since that special treat.

activia - poutinis

According to a recent survey by Leger and Activia, Canadian women have an overwhelming tendency to make New Year’s resolutions related to their health, including doing more physical activity (88%) and eating a healthier diet (87%).

The bad news? We’re setting ourselves up to fail. More than half (55%) of Canadian women will keep their healthy living resolutions for less than a year (and some for as little as 2 weeks!), with the most common reasons being a lack of motivation, a lack of lifestyle fit and a tendency to make resolutions that are overly ambitious.

Mid-January will mark the turning point for whether or not most Canadians will keep their resolutions. Guess what? It’s mid January and so far so good I’ve been pretty good with my attempt to incorporate less carbs in my life (yay for me).

Here’s my tricks:

-I’m incorporating more yogurt into my day. The Activia Challenge is currently encouraging women to eat 2 Activia yogurts a day for two weeks. (specifically Jan 11 to Jan 21). I’m in. Are you?


-I’m staying away from beer and wine. However Vodka is fine. Hello Martini.

-I’m eating more salads…specifically Kale salad which I find is SO filling.

activia - kale

Professional home economist, cookbook author and Cityline celebrity, Mairlyn Smith has a few suggestions as well. She’s actually serving as an Activia Ambassador! Here’s one of her easy recipes which is an easy way to transform Activia yogurt into a delicious trifle.

Raspberry Trifle (serves 4)

• 4 lady finger cookies
• 1 cup (250 mL) frozen local raspberries, thawed
• 4 – 100 g 0% fat Greek Activia Vanilla yogurt

You’ll need four 1 cup/250 mL glass desert bowls or parfait dishes

1. Mash the thawed raspberries with a fork, set aside.
2. Break the lady finger in half and place in the bottom of each of the four bowls.
3. Spoon 1/4 cup (60 mL) of the mashed raspberries over top.
4. Open 1-100 g container of the Activia yogurt and spoon over top of the raspberries. Repeat with all four of the desserts. Place in the fridge. To soften the lady finger the dessert needs to set for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Each serving includes 127 Calories, 0.5 g Total Fat, 0 g Saturated Fat, 0 Trans Fat, 9.1 g Protein

I hope you join me in this Activia Challenge!

To follow along on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram, please use the hashtag #ActiviaChallenge

Disclosure: I was compensated for this blog post, however all opinions are my own

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On Thursday night, I went to the Toronto Poutine Fest that was put together by the good people at Joylister. It was held at the Beer Academy and your $35 ticket enabled you to eat as much poutine as you want  (from 5 different poutine craftsmen) and drink a few beers as well.  JUST MY TYPE OF EVENT.

poutine - press

About 400 guests felt the same way, as tickets sold out in about a minute and a half.  I’m sure next year this will event will be at a bigger venue so more poutine fans can attend!!

Sadly my stomach didn’t allow me to eat poutine from all five vendors. I should have just “sampled” a few bites but my willpower was non existent that night. ARGGGHHH. I also blame it on the fact that the poutine was JUST too good. Yup – excuses, excuses, and more excuses.

Here’s what I sampled:

Coquine Restaurant:

Duck Confit Poutine: Yukon Gold frites topped with dem-glace, smoked provolone, brie and Quebec duck confit cured for two days and slow for 5 hours until tender. Verdict: My personal favorite that night.

Great Burger Kitchen:

Buter Chicken Poutine: Hand cut Yukon Gold fries topped with slowly poached chicken and sauteed onions, garlic, curry powder, tomato paste, heavy cream and deglazed with white wine.

poutine - 2 samples

Lou Dawg’s BBQ

The Mighty Loutine (Pulled Pork Poutine): Hand Cut Yukon Gold potato fries topped with homemade smoked chicken gravy, fresh cheese curds, and 12 hour, slow smoked pulled pork.

poutine - lou

Here’s what I didn’t sample: (again, blame my stomach)

Poutini’s (which has been my go-to Poutine choice, since they opened) and The Feisty Jack Mobile Food Co. My apologies.

Participants had a chance to vote on the best poutine and today I received an update that Coquine Restaurant won. Congratulations. I totally agree with this choice. There was something about the duck gravy that really elevated their poutine from “norma”l to “extra-ordinary”

As for the event itself: Fantastic. I was super impressed with the layout of the room, the venue, the volunteers, and of course…the POUTINE.

Some volunteers enjoying some poutine too!!

Some volunteers enjoying some poutine too!!

Please take a minute to check out Joylister, which is a Toronto based start up that aims to enrich people’s lives with fun and memorable experiences. Joylister is an online community marketplace of events for people to explore their passions and interests. I’ve signed up to get their updates and you should too!!

For more information about Joylister:

Twitter: @Joylister




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Sadly August is right around the corner, which means summer is almost over. However for the “foodie” in me is delighted that it’s August. Here’s a few  events that have top priority in my calendar.

1. The Canadian National Exhibition (Aug 16, 2013 to Sept 2, 2013), 210 Princes’ Blvd, Toronto.

I’m a fan of all things in moderation. Can you tell?


Here’s a list of what’s new!! I have a feeling I will be hanging out at Spread and RYC Bar.

• Freshly Squeezed – Fresh juices and smoothies
• GR Yogurt Fresh – Greek style yogurt with your choice of toppings
Spread – Everything Nutella – from fries, spring rolls (#onmylist)
• Harvey’s – 100% Canadian since 1959 – It’s a Beautiful Thing
• Hula Girl – Serving specialty coffees, espressos, infused sodas, pastries
• Ku Khan – Mongolian Grill cuisine
• Philthy Phil Philadelphia – Cheese steak sandwiches and salads
RYC Bar – Rice pudding in assorted flavours (#onmylist)
• Yogurty’s Froyo – Self-serve frozen yogurts

Back by popular demand are:
Bacon Nation, Epic Burgers, Just Cone It, Wild Child Kitchen, Dutch Frites, Far East
Taco, Baked & Loaded, Deep Fried Shop, PULL’D, Big Apple Fritter, Kernels, Sweetness
Bakery, Northwest Fudge Factory, Taqueria Burrito Bar, Thyme & Olives, Kala’s (#onmylistagain)


This event has my name written all over it and is being organized by the good people at Joylister.

Mark this date in your calendar: Thursday Aug 22nd, 2013, from 5 to 10 pm at the Beer Academy!  Something tells me this event is going to be POPULAR and will sell out quickly. Make sure you sign up for Joylister now. Not joking this event is going to sell out. (you heard it here first). The night will include Poutine from Poutini’s, Lou Dawgs and Great Burger Kitchen.

True Story: I was the second customer at Poutini’s on their opening day.  The guy in the photo was the first customer.



This is event is being held at the Harbourfront Centre (Aug 9 to 11).  For $10 you get to sample a variety of ramen. Sounds good to me!! I love the stuff.

Cheesy Ramen from Kinton Ramen

Cheesy Ramen from Kinton Ramen

4. A POP UP CHOCOLATE DINNER...hosted by Abbey’s Kitchen 

This sounds amaaazzziiing. For more information please click here.



This festival takes place on Sunday Aug 25, 2013 at Evergreen Brickworks from 11 am to 3 pm.  You will be able to enjoy  a Wild Blueberry Pie Bake off, musical entertainment, a gardening workshop and more. Bring it on!!!



As you can see, my stomach is going to be very busy!!!

Hope you enjoy the month of August as much as I’m going to enjoy it.

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Canada day is quickly approaching and this means that my brain is thinking about “Canadian Foods“. It’s a problem. I wish that I didn’t think about food as much as I do but we can talk about that problem another time!!

Here’s a few food items that I identify with as being “Canadian”. I won’t be googling about the history of each item (although I’m sure it would be interesting)…just going to share a few photos with you. Is that ok?

#1 on my list: Beavertails: Have been eating beavertails since the 70’s.

I indulge in a Beavertail almost every time I visit Ottawa #fact

Item #2: The Buttertart

oh such goodness

My favorite treat but I will only have a buter tart if it’s a GREAT one. Not just a mediocre one. (I’m fussy that way). I love the buttertarts from Flaky Tart ( 711 Mt Pleasant) or from Marty’s World Famous Cafe. (5 Manitoba St. Bracebridge)

Item #3 Tim Hortons: I had one Tim Bit and a medium sized coffee every day for years.

My favorite: Banana Timbits or the powered sugared ones

Item #4: Maple Syrup

I head out the Maple Syrup Festival almost every year!!

Item #5; Ice Wine (sorry no photo)

Items #6: Poutine. Poutini’s (1112 Queen St. West)  just celebrated their third birthday and it was very very hard for me not to go that day. (due to this carb free diet). The minute I decide to splurge..I will be going directly to Poutinis for their teeny weeny version (the best idea ev-uh).

another weakness of mine…specifically from Poutinis

I know I missing a few: Saskatoon berries, and a few other items. You can help me out by leaving a comment (hint).

Have a wonderful Canada Day. I will be in Ottawa walking thru the downtown core and catching the fireworks. Can’t wait.

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I am  really nervous about running the Toronto Marathon this Sunday. Let me rephrase that – I AM FREAKING. I have every doubt, fear, and have zero confidence at the moment. This happens to me before every race so I should be use to it. But I’m not. I have done 3 half marathons and before each race, I am a wreck. Go figure.

I seriously did not think I was going to register today, but I am going to. I decided last nite (nothing like waiting to the last minute) after reading some positive comments from my facebook friends. I seem to always resister the day of the expo, but that’s because I want to see what the weather is like (ok ok..I’m a bit of a princess). Guess what? It’s going to be 16 degrees and sunny on Sunday. Talk about “Perfect Conditions”.

So let’s review why I am so nervous:

1. I have only been training on a treadmill.. It’s weird – I know. I did not go out for a run once outdoors.

2. My longest run has only been 9 miles. I am hoping praying, that the rest is all mental.

3. I am registering late, so it will cost me $105 to participate. This is a problem, as I can think of a few restaurants I could go to with this money.

4. I am SLOWREALLY SLOW. In fact with each race, I get slower and slower  – so why am I doing this? (don’t answer).

I have resolved to do the following things to help me on Sunday:

1. I am NOT going to wear a watch. I am just going to shuffle my way thru the 21 km and just enjoy the moment.

2. I am going to celebrate  this accomplishment and go to Poutini’s on Sunday nite. It’s about the only thing I will be able to afford!!

3. I am going to try and repeat this mantra throughout the race “one step at a time…one step at a time” and “you can do this…you can do this”.

Happy to hear from any of my readers with words of encouragement. These comments really do help me.

P.S. after this race…I am going to cross train for the next few months and get ready for a Sprint Triathlon. I didn’t do one last year and I really missed it. I know I will go thru the same “pre-race” jitters but for some reason I am less of a wreck. Except for the swim part. Stay tuned for a similar blog post.

Wish me luck.



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As you know, I’m a sales rep and on the road throughout the GTA. This means, that I’m always on the lookout for something cheap and cheerful for lunch. Here’s a list of my top 10 cheap and cheerful restaurants in Toronto.

1. Mother Dumplings; I can’ stop ordering B8 which is boiled dumplings filled with bok choi, mushrooms and tofu. 12 pieces for $7.49. This makes me very very happy!!

Address: 421 Spadina Avenue

2. The Fish Sandwich Store; You pick the type of fish you want (that is lying on a bed of ice infront of you) and he grills it and then puts it on to a perfect roll.

Address: 654 College St.

3. Cheese Emporium; They make a simple simple grilled cheese sandwich on a simple sub style roll  – for $5. Cash and Carry. Note: hugely popular at lunch with high school students. Therefore, I  try not to go there exactly at noon.

Address: 1-245 Eglinton Avenue East.


4. Poutini’s: I love this place. That is all. (ps I was the 2nd customer when they first opened 2 years ago and so so proud of this fact)

Address: 1112 Queen St. West

Heaven!! Bonus - Veggie Friendly

5. New York Subway – this gem of a place closed for a year and I was SO SAD. I have been ordering the potato burrito for years. Note: they don’t serve subways here!! Plus – the burritos arent filled with beans and rice like a typical burrito.

Address: 520 Queen St. West

6. Dr. Laffa. Ive organized two tweet ups at this restaurant and I blogged about this restaurant as well- no need for me to explain my love for this place. Nobody is making Sabih like this restaurant.

Address: 401 Magnetic Drive

Sabih. Want. Now.

7. Mustachio; Love visiting this St. Lawrence Market stall to order my massive eggplant sandwich.

Address: 91 Front Street East, Lower Level

8. Cheesewerks: Perfectly grilled grilled cheese sandwiches in a stunning space that is LICENCED. Can you say beer and grilled cheese sandwiches? what a combo. I organized a tweet up right after opening nite – cause I wanted to share my love for this place with others.

Address: 56 Bathurst Street

9. One Love Vegetarian: You probably pass this restaurant all the time on Bathurst but have never gone in. I hope you stop the car one day soon and check out this awesome veggie restaurant that makes some great tasting food ie SOUP. You have to try their famous soup which has been on the food network!! ps impressive website too.

10. Last but not least…My  OWN Kitchen. Its not a restaurant but I can make some pretty good cheap and cheerful meals!!

What do you do for lunch. Do you bring your own? do you go to the same restaurant all the time? do you eat the same sandwich all the time?

Would love to know.

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Beer Samples for $1. Love it.

Had a fun GNO (girls night out) with @Fortylicious. We headed down to C’est What to participate in an event which was part of  Ontario Craft Brewers Week. (June 19- 25).

They were offering samples at $1 – how could I NOT go? I mean seriuosly.

There were 27 beers to choose from but here’s what I consumed:

  • C’est What Steve’s Dreaded Chocolate Orange
  • C’est What Big Butt Smoked Dark Ale
  • C’est What Caraway Ale.
  • Mill Street Ginger Beer
  • Hop City American Ale

All the beer had great color, aroma and were highly drink-able.  I couldnt complain.

Both of us had not had dinner and by 9 p.m were were a bit hungry (not thirsty anymore..HA) and I asked Heather if she had ever been to Poutini’s.

She said “no, never been”. So that took care of that. We hopped over to queen west and went to  Poutini’s. She loved it (of course ). We both love the TEENY WEENY portion size and the fact that they have a vegan gravy option as well. (there’s also an option to use Daiya vegan cheese too but we chose to have the delicious cheese curds)

I told her a story that I discovered Poutini’s on chowhound two years ago and I went to their opening at 5 p.m on a Friday nite in June 2009. When I arrived, there was already a guy infront of me, waiting for the doors to open.

We were the first two customers, so we tried the poutine, took pictures – END OF STORY.

TWO YEARS LATER – Poutini’s is celebrating their second anniversary. I’m in line and guess who is behind me? The same guy from two years ago. Again, we had poutine and took pictures. How cute is that story?

The First and Second Customer of Poutini's

I love beer and I love Poutini’s. It was really a great night out.

For those of you who also love beer: Please mark in your calendar that the Toronto Beer Festival is taking place this year from Aug 5 -7  at Bandshell Park. I will be there soon as the gates open. Promise.

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