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I’m a huge fan of serving appetizers before a meal. There’s something about putting it all together that really appeals to me.

My appetizer plate usually includes olives, cheese, roasted garlic, dried fruit and whatever else I have hanging around the fridge.

tapas - round 2

However recently I’ve discovered Espuna Tapas Essentials that have elevated my cheese board to another level. There’s a huge range of products and you will find them at major retailers like Metro and Longs.

ps see the package in the middle – I often snack on them in the middle of the day. #goodsnacktoo
tapas - product

Now my cheese platter looks like this!

tapas - round

Along with appetizers, of course there has to be an aperitif. Lately I’ve been enjoying the Aperol Spritz which has been described as “THE drink of the summer”. This aperitif is widely available at the LCBO for $26.55 , and had its own cocktail recipe book come out this year called “Spritz: Italy’s Most iconic Aperitivo Cocktail” by Talia Baiocchi and Leslie Pariseau.

tapas - aperolTo make this lovely cocktail you need:

3 parts Cinzano Prosecco

2 parts Aperol

1 splash Soda.

Start by adding ice to a glass, then pour the Prosecco, the Aperol and a splash of soda. Top with an orange (oops I forgot this step).

Happy Entertaining!!

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Seeing as I did a blog post about eating my way thru Toronto, I thought it would only be fair to write a blog post about the variety of drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) that I’ve discovered in the last few months.

1. SoCIAL Lite

This new drink is right up my alley as it’s the first ever ready-to-drink sparkling vodka cocktail that has no sugar, no sweetener and no artificial ingredients. It’s made with a blend of premium Canadian vodka, soda and 100% Natural Flavours. What’s most impressive, each 355mL can is a mere 80 calories and is gluten-free. Hello Summer!

I love the story behind the drink: Theses entrepreneurs wanted to drink on a Saturday night and still be able to run on Sunday mornings.

drnking - sociallite

2. Root Beer is the latest trend with alcoholic drinks these days and finally I scored these two products at the LCBO on Yonge Street/Summerhill. The brand on the left (Crazy Uncle) disappeared from the fridge before I got a chance to try it, and the brand on the right (Dusty Boots) is Root Beer with Beer and produced by Crazy Beard Brewing Co. right here in Toronto. I tried the Dusty Boots and I liked it…A LOT. Then again I’m a root beer fan so I was pretty sure I was going to like it. Read more about the guys behind Crazy Beard Brewing Co. here!

drinking - hard root beer

3. Fresh – This apple glow ginger is beyond refreshing. Had a sample of it at an event and will certainly be buying this in the future.

eating - apple ginger glow

4. The Iced Aroma or Lemon Mint at Aroma Espresso Bar is another summer time favourite.

drinks - aroma

Aroma Espresso Bar is also running a cool summer time contest (with Simon & Schuster Canada) where you can win free coffee for a year as well as some great books. Enter soon as the contest closes July 15th … K? Ps the name of the contest is Read, Chill, Repeat – LOVE IT.

drink - aroma contest

6; Smoothies!

This weekend I enjoyed the Wimbledon finals while sipping Smoothies made with Genuine Health Fermented Greek Yogurt Protein +. This Canadian product has no GMO, vegan, soy and gluten free.

drinks - protein

I grabbed some Almond Milk Breeze and some berries – added the Fermented Greek Yogurt Proteins+ and before you know it, I had a satisfying Smoothie. I’m also a fan of the Fermented Greek yogurt proteins+ Cherry Almond Vanilla bar. Check out all their products here.

drinks - smoothie

Here’s to Staying Hydrated over the Summer!!

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This isn’t going to be a typical blog entry!! However I have permission from my friend Kevin that I can blog about it. You see….I can’t believe I have a friend whose favourite drink is MANISCHEWITZ  CONCORD (on ice).

He was recently in Toronto visiting with his lovely family. His parents threw a party for the occasion and  I noticed there were TWO bottles of Manischewitz amongst the wine/scotch/and beer. I was so surprised to see this brand that I said something to Mrs. D….and she replied: “Oh that’s Kevins favorite drink…he requested for me to buy two bottles”.

Seriously…. this just blew me away.

Please meet Kevin who could be the poster boy for this SWEET…SWEET (err…off the scales SWEET) wine.


Most Jewish people (including myself) have a long history with this brand but it’s not something we drink socially…except for Kevin!


A few years ago, I found out that this particular brand is one of ten listed products that you will find in EVERY SINGLE LCBO store. I asked the sales rep: “Who is drinking this brand?” and he replied that it’s widely used in PUNCH, due to its’ high sugar content. Too funny.

Anyway…cheers to my friend Kevin!




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I have a friend, Michael (Toronto Real Estate Agent, Extra-Ordinaire) who drinks Appleton Estate Rum and Coke Zero with ice on a regular basis. It’s the only alcoholic drink he consumes and the only beverage he has at his place. In fact, when the LCBO was going on strike, my dear friend stocked up!

rum - michael

Every time I visit Michael, he always offers me a drink and I always decline. Always!!

But when I was invited to the Thompson Hotel to meet the only female Master Blender in the industry for a RUM tasting….I SAID YES!! Here was my chance to get educated about Appleton Estate RUM. See, how opened minded I am?

rum - appleton 21

I immediately asked the Master Blender (Joy), what makes Appleton Estate so unique. ie. why is Appleton Estate the ONLY brand my friend  buys? Here’s her reply.

  • the climate
  • the topography
  • the variety of sugar cane (Appleton Estate Rum uses over 10 varieties that produce buttery and fruity notes)
  • the water comes from a natural spring
  • the yeast is cultured
  • they use a copper pot distillation process
  • unique aging and blending

There is no question, that when I tried the Appleton Estate Rum that was aged for 21 years that I became an instant fan. I swirled my glass just like i t was wine so that the orange aroma could be released. Other flavors involved were: nutmeg, chocolate, vanilla and coffee. This RUM rocked!

PS Did you know RUM is being featured this month at the LCBO. #justsayin’



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I found two apps recently that I would like to share with you. One is a food app and the other is a booze app – not a bad combo.

Seriously, I think both these apps are genius. Which is why I am blogging about them.

The first app is called Get Cracking which is brought to you by the Egg Farmers of Canada. Here is what I love about this app:

-the design of the app is clean. Super clean. There is NOTHING complicated about this app.

-they have thought of everything..even an egg timer!!

-the color and the font are user friendly i.e yellow and white with an easy to read font

-its SIMPLE to use. Click on the video below and you will see what I mean.

The next app that I discovered is the LCBO app. Even though LCBO is not on twitter…I will forgive them as this app is super easy to use and makes my life that much easier when I’m trying to locate a new beer!! There has been times (in the past), where I had to go to three stores in order to find a particular bottle of beer.

I simply enter the product I’m looking for – let’s say Great Lakes Orange Peel Ale – enter my postal code – and poof – the app will tell me what LCBO in my neighborhood is carrying this product and HOW MUCH INVENTORY they have of that particular product.  How brilliant is that?

As for the design of this app: the team did a great job. It’s simple to navigate without a lot of copy. Perfect!!

Both apps are free…which is a bonus.
Hope you get a chance after reading this blog entry, to start clicking on your iTunes Library to find both these amazing apps.
PS Feel free to share any amazing apps you have recently discovered too. Don’t be shy.
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Once again, I went to an event as a result of a tweet I saw on twitter between @redhunttravel and @InnisGunnCanada.  The event was an Innis & Gunn Beer Dinner at Fynns Temple Bar. (489 King West). What’s not to like?  I was SO going to this event.

Here was the menu that was presented by Chef Patrick Narain:

One: Mulligatawny Soup and a Mango Chutney Crostini

Two: Dark Chocolate Chicken Wings served with a Roasted Corn, Jicama and Mango Salad

Three: Tender Lamb Stew with Root Vegetables, wrapped in an Arugula Boxty

Four: Cranberry Bread Pudding topped with El Dorado Rum Custard

The above dishes were paired with the following beers (note: I did not eat at this event – I was strictly interested in the beer)

-Innis & Gunn Original

-Innis & Gunn Rum Cask

-Innis & Gunn Spiced Rum – a new beer for me to taste

-Innis & Gunn Winter Beer 2011 – another new beer for me to taste

-Innis & Gunn Highland Cask – yet another new beer for me to taste. (which is why I wanted to attend this event).

Each beer was described ….color, nose, palate, finish and food suggestion. Naturally I enjoyed all of them (in moderation of course, I’m not even sure I consumed 8 oz in total last nite). There is something so unique about this beer – I must admit, I really do like it.

As a result of last nites great event, I ran to the LCBO to buy 3 gift packs. I can’t think of a better gift for my beer loving friends.

3 gifts for 3 beer loving friends


P.S A special thank you to the team at Innis & Gunn for accommodating me as a last minute guest.

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