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This Mother’s Day,  Rabba Fine Foods has joined up with OASIS to offer mothers (and their loved ones) an opportunity to win some exciting prizes – all for sharing #RabbaMomMoments on social media.

Sounds easy and sounds fun. True Story:  I recently participated in a contest at a trade show and I won!!

Entrants for this contest, are encouraged to showcase the realities of motherhood – happy, proud, silly, and even frustrating. Entrants who share their posts or tag three friends will receive an extra entry into the sweepstake for a possible total of three contest entries.

I can definitely show case the reality of motherhood and I bet you have a few stories to share as well.

Here’s a “motherhood moment” – I’m proud that my kids have found jobs. It’s not easy out there to find a job and I’m over the moon that both have found employment over the summer.

rabba 2

Here’s another #RabbaMomMoment that I posted on Twitter:


On Sunday May 14, winners will be announced on Rabba social media accounts. Prizes include:

· First place: a weekend trip for two to New York City including airfare and accommodations (1 winner / prize worth $1,500)

· Gift certificates to a day spa (3 winners / each certificate worth $250)

· Rabba $50 gift cards (5 winners)

Now that you have finished reading this blog post, I hope you pick up your smart phones and start to enter the contest.

Here’s where to post your #RabbaMomMoment: 

Twitter: @RabbaFineFoods

Instagram; @RabbaFineFoods



Disclosure: I was compensated for this blog post however all opinions are my own.


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For months, I drove by a window sign that said “Fresh..Coming in the Summer”. I waited and waited and waited. Finally the day arrived ( was Fall but that’s OK) and it was open. I was excited to visit as I knew that this location was going to be a hit, for this popular  vegetarian/vegan restaurant. (which now boasts 4 locations).

Heading north of Bloor was a smart strategic move. This is easy for me to say – seeing as I live about a kilometre away!

I love that this particular location is paying attention to the fact that single diners might want the option to sit at a BAR  to eat, and not by themselves at a table. I think I counted THREE bars (by the window…when you first walk in ..and at the back). #ANOTHER #SMART MOVE.

fresh - single

What did we order?

Well I can’t seem to visit Fresh without having these epic quinoa battered onion rings . They come as an appetizer but I wish they came as a main dish!!

fresh - quinoa

We also ordered:  the big salad, the soup of the day with grilled cornbread and hummus, and the picnic burger. Everything was FRESH FRESH FRESH and completely inhaled. Our waiter was also super attentive and helpful too.
fresh - 3 photos

For more information:

Fresh on Eglinton…90 Eglinton Ave East, Toronto 416.599.4442 PS take out is available too.

Twitter: @freshoneglinton


Instagram: freshrestaurants

Foursquare: Got a message today that if you check in before Dec 31 on Foursquare ,you could become the mayor and win!!

This company really gets social media and gets serving FRESH food. Hope you will get a chance to also visit this location soon.

Disclosure: I was given a gift certificate to visit this location however all opinions in this blog post are my own.

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A few years ago, I was in love with Hot Balls at Table 17!  Now I’m in love with Hot Bunzz! I mean seriously…what’s not to love about these buns that are the perfect texture and filled with fabulous flavours and then topped off with more goodness!!

The brains behind Hot Bunzz are these two guys. Mark (on the right) has been involved with the food business for years and Mitch (on the left) has been involved with marketing for years. They make a great team.

hot bunzz - mark and mitch

What I love about Hot Bunzz is their ability to join forces with other restaurants to create a unique bunzz. They have collaborated with Cheesewerks in the past and now they have joined forces with Rock Lobster Food CoFidel Gastro’s and La Carnita, to introduce the #TUMalumCOLLECTION. How brilliant? All three of these delicious creations will be launched at the upcoming TUM Event.  (Toronto Underground Market)

The Spiced Sailor Bun

The Spiced Sailor Bun

The B.L.T.O

The B.L.T.O

hot bunzz - mole rojo

However if you aren’t able to attend the TUM event, don’t worry – you can still grab a Hot Bunzz at their retail location which is located at 21 St. Clair West. (just west of Yonge St. on the south side of the street).

hot bunzz - store

One last thing I should mention is that Hot Bunzz is doing an incredible job using social media to spread the word about their amazing product!! I love companies that “get it” and these guys “get it”.

For more information:

Hot Bunzz: 21 St. Clair Ave. West, Toronto (647) 748 5510

Twitter: @HotBunzzTO


Instagram: HotBunzz


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Who is MomWhoRuns and What Does She Do? T’is the big question. So here is the answer.


Who Is MomWhoRuns?

I seriously should have called myself “MomWhoEats” but years ago when I first started blogging with Urbanmoms, I was a mommy blogger. I then noticed how much I loved sharing recipes, reviewing restaurants and have slowly morphed into a food blogger.  I still write about other topics…as long as I think it’s of interest to my dear readers (yes..thats you)

I have truly embraced the journey of blogging. Soon it will be 4 years since I first started blogging and I’m seriously hoping to launch a new “look”. Stay tuned. It’s about time!

What Do I Do? 

For many years I was a food sales rep. Then I saw a niche market to tweet for restaurants that didn’t have time to tweet nor did they have the skills. It was a tough sell many years ago, but these days everyone knows that they need to be using Social Media.   My services have expanded to Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram as well as blogger outreach. I even have two clients in Ottawa. (which I think is pretty cool). I call myself a Social Media Consultant (not an expert).

Oh yeah – I’ve also given dozens of twitter lessons over the years for those who want to handle their own accounts. It’s all good. I can’t complain.

One day there will be a formal website called Hire Me To Tweet!! One day….

One can often find me, tweeting from a coffee shop. If you see me and my MacBook…please say hi.

Hope this blog post gives you a better idea of who I am and what I do.


ps Many thanks to @ledolci who inspired me to write this blog post after a quick chat we had this week.

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My friends wanted to take me out for my birthday, so it seemed appropriate to select a new restaurant for the occasion!  After a bit of research, we decided to go to Lisa Marie which just opened up last week.

Here’s what the space looks like.

lisa - space

We were warmly greeted by Matt Basile (who also owns Fidel Gastro’s) and sat down at a lovely table by the window. Service was brilliant. We had a great waiter who answered all our questions, filled our water glasses regularly and was extremely attentive.

As for the menu – a nice variety of “small plates” that are meant to be shared. (which we did)

lisa - menu

We ordered 4 different items that all arrived on one plate. Please note, that larger “plates” were offered but we chose not to order any.

lisa -plate

Lisa Marie is also serving some goodies for guests to take home, which I think is a brilliant idea.

Love the "name tags"

Love the “name tags”

I also love how Matt knows a thing or two about Social Media. See what I mean?

A dedicated "wall" for social media. Love it.

A dedicated “wall” for social media. Love it.

Congratulations to the whole team at Lisa Marie. I’m sure this restaurant is going to be a hit on Queen St. West.

Plus I want to thank my friends for taking me out for my birthday. It was such a treat.

For further information:

Lisa Marie 838 Queen West, Toronto ON  (647) 748-6822



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Panago is a pizza franchise that originated in Western Canada. Many years ago (about 6?), I discovered one of their first franchises in Toronto (on Gerrard St). I was impressed six years ago and I’m still impressed.

These are the reasons why I  am super impressed with this pizza franchise:

a) Each location is spotless. Take a look at these counters….I mean seriously, this is impressive non?

panago - counter

b) The Pizza: I ordered the Veggie Korma (Indian Korma Sauce, Roasted Garlic, Baby Spinach Leaves, Green Peppers, Pineapple, Hot Banana Peppers, Mozzarella and Cheddar Cheese). Despite the fact that I’m lactose intolerant and carb free since June 2012, I DEMOLISHED THE ENTIRE PIZZA. I couldn’t help myself.  I tried to only have one piece but it didn’t work.

Is this not one gorgeous looking pizza?

Is this not one gorgeous looking pizza?

3) They get Social Media and use it in a big way. You see, I scored the above Pizza due to a Four Square Promotion that was taking place at their Liberty Village location. It wasn’t a free slice, it was an ENTIRE small pizza. I had an amazing chat with the manager (Manny) who also told me about other promotions (ie Oh how I love social media (and good pizza).

4) They offer gluten free pizza too. This was launched just recently and I’m sure there’s a lot people out there who are happy to hear this!

panago - gluten

Have you checked out Panago before? You really should. #justsayin’.


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Dear Restaurant Owners:

I have been involved with social media now for the last three years and have always been an advocate that restaurants should be using twitter and facebook.

I know for a fact that when restaurants engage with me, I will most certainly  be “checking out” that their restaurant to show some “love” right back at them. Case in point: Table 17. They engaged with me so much, that I organized TWO tweet ups there.

I’m a little slow with “liking” restaurants on facebook but lately have gotten up to speed. (what took me so long?). One weekend, I saw THREE  facebook updates that interested me:

a) Butter Avenue posted: Matcha Latte is now available.

Perfect for a Winter Day

b) LaBamboche posted: Here’s a photo of our bacon and blood orange macaron

c) SmashCake Desserts: She posted on twitter about her frozen peanut butter cheesecake cookies. I was so intrigued that I ordered 4 of them in a heartbeat. I would have never heard of this young entrepreneur based in Toronto had I not seen her tweet.

Guess who went running to both restaurants? ME. That’s right. What I’m trying to say is: Facebook and Twitter really work. There is a ROI – it’s hard to tell because not everyone announces that they came to your restaurant cause they saw your post but it DEFINETELY works.

However you have to use it and manage it. You can’t just post or tweet and not check in for a week. This defeats the purpose.

It also defeats the purpose if your staff do not know that the restaurant is on twitter and what the twitter username is – this actually drives me crazy. I can’t spread the love about your restaurant on twitter if none of  your staff know the twitter username!

Ok – enough said. I think you get it.

PS. Would love to know from anyone else who has made purchases as a result of facebook or twitter.

For more info:

Butter Avenue 3467 Yonge St. (647) 341 8686 Twitter: @butteravenue Facebook:

LaBamboche:  1712 Avenue Road & 4 Manor Rd Twitter: @labambocheTO Facebook:

SmashCake Desserts: Twitter @SmashCake_TO Facebook:   Tel: (905 616 2480).


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Social Media and Job Hunting. It works!! Here’s my Story:

I went away on vacation, only to return last Wednesday to find out that I was unemployed. I immediately updated my profile on Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.  I stated that I was “Seeking Employment as a Sales Rep or a Community Manager”. Immediately I had two replies on Facebook to contact two separate companies and two retweets on twitter.I was impressed.

By 1 p.m…I had a meeting with 3 foodie friends (@TheBumpercrop, @afoodgypsy @lisataerk). They brainstormed with me and delivered a “go-Vicky-go” type of speech.

The pep talk worked!!

On Thursday, I met with @nearafar who also answered some more job hunting questions and gave me another pep talk.

On Friday, I received emails from @HorriblePeanut @FiestaCupcakes @CDNFoodieGiirl, and @Labamboche with leads. I was truly feeling supported by my twitter friends. Oh yeah – there was another friend (who sadly is not on twitter) who sent me numerous emails with ads too.

On Sunday I met with @sackman66 at 7:45 a.m for TWO hours of networking. WOW..I was on a roll. My friends were really there for me and I was ever so grateful.

On Monday morning, I had a phone call with someone from twitter who was looking for some assistance with her start up .We even met for coffee in the afternoon. Sadly it wasn’t a great fit but once again “twitter’ made the connection (thru a retweet cause I wasnt following her).

On Monday nite, I finally sent out my resume to one of the companies that contacted me thru Facebook earlier last week.

On Tuesday morning, I heard from her and at 2 p.m I was in the office…. armed with my MacBook, iPad, and iPhone….ready to work!!

Now how awesome is this story!! Whats even more awesome is I’m working with a company that I really believe in and when I walked into the office I knew FOUR people (thru twitter of course).

I have to finish this blog entry with this photo. The office has this machine in the kitchen:


It’s a VITA MIX and my boss was all too happy to demonstrate how it works!! This means, I was treated to this delicious bowl of hot soup that was made in less than 10 minutes.

I am now working for Shes Connected and I’m beyond thrilled to be part of this team.

Morale of the story: Use Social Media if you are job hunting and don’t be afraid to change your profile!!


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On Oct 13-15, hundreds of women (from Canada and the U.S.) who are bloggers, social media pros and PR divas, will get together at the Toronto Hilton to attend a conference called BlissDom.

This is my definition of BlissDom:

B….is for BLOGGING. Many of the women who attend this conference will be bloggers. They are passionate, engaged and love to share and network. This conference will be the perfect place for them!!

L….is for LEARNING. Throughout the conference, there will be roundtables, speakers, and panels that will cover a variety of topics such as:

  • Taking Your Craft To The Next Level: A Little Sprinkle of Viral Dust. Making Your Message Blaze Against the Medium
  • Being In A Borderless Digitial World
  • She Works Hard For The Money. Why and How You Should Be Making Money From Your Blog.

I… for INTERACT. BlissDom will be all about interacting!! It will be a fabulous opportunity to interact with other bloggers, publicists, and women who just love social media!!

S… for SOCALIAZING. I suspect there will be a party or two. Enough. Said.

S… for SOCIAL MEDIA. Women who attend this conference will be on TWITTER and will be tweeting using the hashtag #BlissdomCanada. You too can follow along, even if you aren’t there. HINT.

D….is for DISCUSSION. There will plenty of discussion!! Participants will want to discuss photography, WordPress, business cards and more. There simply won’t be enough time. (this always happens).

O….is for OPPORTUNITY. BlissDom is all about giving women the opportunity to learn and connect. No doubt, participants will walk away from this conference filled with information, new friendships and a deeper understanding of  social media.

M…is for MUCHO INFORMATION. Participants will walk away with MUCHO INFORMATION (I know I know…I made up this word) that will help them become better bloggers. They will learn from each other and from the speakers and will definitely will be recharged when the conference is over.

I am thrilled to be able to attend this conference and will be blogging about my experience on Friday Oct. 15….i.e You will be able to find me at the nearest Starbucks on my MacBook at the end of the conference!

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